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22.12.2020 08:05
Wiring operation of vacuum pump unit Antworten

Wiring operation of vacuum pump unit

Only remove the cable before using the vacuum pump unit. When installing, you need to re connect the cable yourself. However, attention must be paid to the correct method when connecting cables. Otherwise, it will have a great impact on the use of vacuum pump device. Everyone serves to explain the connection method of vacuum pump device for everyone:

When the vacuum pump unit wiring, must use polyester insulation tape. When packing, be sure to press half of the first circle and wrap in 8-12 layers. After wrapping, wrap two layers of plastic tape to increase strength. When the vacuum pump unit is connected, the copper core of the cable is stripped about 30-35mm long. Wipe the copper wire with abrasive cloth and strip the copper wire. The copper wire of the external three core cable is also stripped by 30-35mm and cleaned with abrasive cloth.

Insert the wiring of the vacuum pump unit into the copper wire part of the three core cable, strip off the external cable, and then bind it with fine copper wire, cut off the remaining part, and flatten it with scissors to prevent binding hands; at the same time, the three ends of vacuum pump shall be welded separately, and the surface of welding joint shall be smooth without burr and false welding. To ensure that there is no welding or unevenness, re weld the vacuum pump until the requirements are met.

For the wiring of vacuum pump unit, the three wires must be wrapped together with plastic tape to wrap two layers. The first layer is more than 50 mm above the end of each wire insulation layer and the second layer is 50 mm beyond the end of the first layer. Take a basin of cold water and immerse the wrapped thread in water safely. After 12 hours, the insulation shall not be less than 50 megohm with 500V megger. Otherwise, it should be repackaged until the requirements are met.

The grounding wire of the vacuum pump unit must also be wrapped according to the wiring process of the submersible cable; after connecting the vacuum pump unit, the insulation resistance should be continuously measured during drilling to observe the change and prevent the cable wall from damaging the cable insulation layer. When the drop is less than 0.5 megohm, the device must be started to detect the cause.

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