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22.12.2020 08:08
Treatment of pumping phenomenon of screw vacuum pump Antworten

Treatment of pumping phenomenon of screw vacuum pump

Screw vacuum pump can remove a large amount of water vapor and a small amount of dust, but the screw vacuum pump may be extracted after long-term use. This kind of pumping phenomenon affects the normal operation of the equipment. This will make the screw vacuum pump unable to perform the corresponding work in the normal working mode.

1. For the higher screw vacuum pump, it is impossible to directly discharge the atmosphere. If the direct exhaust environment will constitute a screw vacuum pump, there will be too much pressure difference between the suction and discharge ports, which will overload the vacuum pump. Therefore, a higher vacuum must be ensured. Make sure there is open space between the rotors.

2. The front stage pump must be used when using the front stage pump, and then when the pressure in the system is sucked into a certain range, the front stage pump is used to inject the screw vacuum pump, so as to avoid the overload phenomenon of the screw vacuum pump.

In addition, when the rotor turns over continuously, the gas inhaled is drawn into the space between the rotor and the pump shell from the air inlet, and then discharged through the exhaust port. Since the suction space is completely closed, the internal gas in the pump chamber is not tightened and expanded. However, when the top of the rotor turns over the edge of the exhaust port and the space is connected with the exhaust side, a part of the gas returns to the space due to the high pressure on the gas exhaust side, so the gas pressure is high. It suddenly increased. As the rotor continues to move, the gas leaves the pump.

The pumping phenomenon of screw vacuum pump is also related to the usual maintenance work. Regular maintenance and timely detection of maintenance problems can not only reduce equipment failure, but also use the equipment very well.

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