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Guo Cheng Yang and those belong to next once communicate some kind of after, again to connect hope to see.Say:"These brothers of mine, accompany me to live here like.Do what matter also convenient.If the food here is enough we eat for a week, if have what need, I will contact with you again."
"Okay."Connect to hope to nod."Eldest brother Guo, the meaning of the young master BE, can begin from Chen Jia first?You also saw, Chen Jia was Guo Jia----Biggestly benefit after having an accident square of a.The young master doubts that they secretly have bargain with Han Jia.Han You traverses to deeply reside Jian Chu recently that hour and goes out to all take a great deal of bodyguard each time, even the periphery still has casual wear, you are probably inconvenient to start.If start first from Chen Jia's Human body, probably convenience of many.And, can also take some interests first.Do you feel?"
Guo Cheng Yang's in the mind some ideas move, but would not like to express on the face and hope to say towards connecting:"These are our business sons.If revenge, I and my brotherses consult quantity.Moreover, the weapon storing here may be a bit little.If you can send for me again some of words, I want the rightness connect the spirited said a with gratitude."
"Ha ha.It is all right.If eldest brother Guo's nothing important orders, I returned to first."
Connect to hope again walk very for a while, just walk to return to 207 highways, and then go straight up several ten meters, just see that carrying a what they came over gray big bread car.Chopped to chop the accumulated snow on the feet, connected to hope to draw back a car door, say:"Return to."
The gray bread car leaves in a short while, the Audi of a black car slowly drove to come over.Three men are from the car in drilled out.
Leaf the autumn pick up Han You the Ling passes over here of cigarette, feel deeply about to say:"See to connect a house have already mounted with Guo Cheng Yang a head.Connect the spirited considers as a card of Guo Cheng Yangs to make, affirm will help him on the manpower material resources.If can will even the house also gives to uprooted a while, Su Hang is getting quieter."
Han You's Ling Yong Huo's machine helped a leaf to spark fire for autumn and by hand pointed to point pitch dark have no the sky of one silk glow-in-the-dark, say:"Up need Su Hang's stability incorporation."
The autumn of the leaf clearly nods, Su Hang also canned not stood sinking into of another big household again.
"Really don't need again adjust some hands?"Han You traverses some not trust the ground ask a way.For their three people, how can resist those desperados who may own heavy weapons?
"Need not.The person is enough."The autumn of the leaf's smiling Pie is raising the big bottle gourd drinks of bedlamite, say with a smile:"Bedlamite, aren't you the power that disdains to high-tech weapon at ordinary times?The tonight lets our witness for a while cold weapon and high-tech weapon of to definitely."
The bedlamite put on a pair of the wine Zi on the face, would carry on the shoulder in the heavy sword on the shoulder to knock to knock a car crest, laugh wildly a way:"It is like what you expected."
The sky utter darkness, there is no a stars, the whole world but white Hua Hua ground one.An eye hopes in the past, white snow of the all over hills and countryside was like a big river sort infinite extension, limitless and boundless.
Leaf's autumn and Han You then followed those people to just run about the footprint later on leaving to walk after traversing and carrying on the shoulder the bedlamite of emphasizing the sword to get off.As long as standing down to go, can definitely find out Guo Cheng Yang.The autumn of the leaf originally decides to return to Su Hang today, but Han You traverses but beats to call words to say to have eyes fixed on a group of Vietnameses just.
When these people secretively come out remaining Hang port, be traversed by Han You of person to discover.If want to deal with them, these people have already once died 1,100 times.But to Han You, Ling Ye Qiu, , these people are of no account, importance of is Guo Cheng Yang's whereabouts.
Just the leaf autumn also has some the peace or chaos of worrying the Chen Mo Nong parents, , have already promoted for the own father-in-law mother now.Hence advise Chen Mo Nong to stay again for a day, although Chen Mo Nong's mouth up would not like to admit, beyond doubt, her heart jumps like sparrows.
Returned to Su Hang, they wanted to resume into original appearance again.Even if this request is what Chen Mo Nong puts forward to come by himself/herself, and repeatedly requests the leaf the observance for autumn.But the in the mind still keep having some not to give up, don't give up this Su's two human life fields in the Hangs.The leaf autumn says to stay again for a day now,

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