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Originally leaf autumn is not need Han You to traverse out, let him wait and see good tidings in the car, also not know that Han You traverses because leaf autumn that cold weapon and high technology of to definitely draw on, still bedlamite heavy the sword pound the wild manner of carriage conquer.That for an instant, Han You traverseses and then feels imitated Buddha Chong in head blood, keep emitting on the body hot air.How also the different idea sit in the car by himself/herself, follow leaf to come over to see this to fight together for autumn.
Han You traverses to regret very quickly, this weather makes people inside walk to emit algidity.Just walked a few roads, the body has already kept a dozen to put son.Just still kept the body of emitting the hot air be like suddenly dropped into ice hole, coldly make people want to turn round and then run.
The autumn of the leaf looking at to nearby hold to begin to keep Han You who shouts the hot air to traverse.Say with a smile:"Want to be not you to return to first?"
Han You traverses to really have this kind of viewpoint and wants to immediately run once to open enough warm air in car, but also can want so.The autumn of the leaf so on saying, he is on the contrary and more carrying it through.He can not ability drive this man to see flat.
"Need not.Was some and don't adapt to while just coming out, much better now."Han You traverses a diligent town to settle down.Also no longer the hands hold a mouth to urgently and hotfoot blow breath and pour is keeping and leaf autumn bedlamite this kind of monster similar carriage of snow for standing in no fear of breeze.
The autumn of the leaf smiles.Point at front a small building.Say:"There is before no footprint.They may be from jump down ground here.If I didn't guess wrong a ground of words.That small building is Guo Cheng Yang the ground dwells of ground."
Han You, Ling Zha Ba, a pair of gallantly eyes saw along while.Just here an expanse of whitely in world see a big regiment shadow mistily.All don't know these people is what abnormal condition.So far be apart from.How see ground so clear?
"?Where?That we so hastily come over here.They can't discover?"Han You traverses surprised shout to say.
"Meeting."The autumn of the leaf nods.
Han You traverses for of distemper.Since know that the other people will discover.Why to don't conceal.Gingerly incubate pass by.Then come to suddenly assault?
But this kind of words again not speak.See a leaf for autumn and that bedlamite one face doesn't matter ground appearance.He is also considering that he's ground worries to isn't a surplus ground.Somebody else but superior.Did oneself sit well view too much for sky?
The autumn understand Han You of leaf traverses of idea, say with a smile:"Guo Cheng Yang intelligent person like this, and then have already connected a house of with all strength support, you feel that he will have no at own of peripheral constitution supervision equipments?Afraid is while turning into this road, let's be discovered by them?Just didn't you see?Small building inside before the light is still bright of, this time but suddenly put out.Explain what?Now that the somebody else have already worked well preparation, we secretively climb over again, will can't be considered as a joke by them to see?"
Han You traverses to repeatedly nod, but the in the mind is to think, oneself connects that small buildings all just see a regiment shadow mistily, where will know that the light in the small building is clear of still put out?
Beat to settle to notice oneself still don't talk more of words, in case lost face again.It matter son that is very stimulate to originally think to work a meeting with these two superiors together, having never thought the incitement hasn't discovered, pours is eat first to sprain.
The autumn of the leaf also ignores him to have what kind of idea.The shoulder that claps bedlamite says:"Hand over to you.Have a problem?"
"Wait for very long."The bedlamite raises wine bottle gourd after infusing severals then throws the bottle gourd to Han You to traverse and says:"The body of Ai Ai."
If he originally is wanted to throw autumn was to the leaf, but thought of a leaf to say not to like to kiss with man indirectly autumn last time, transfered a target.
Han You traverses to also feel a bit disgusted, but body jelly ground sufficient Qiang, also really want to drink a people wine Ai Ai body.
Hence then the Yang rises head, mouth Zhang Di is huge.Jack up wine bottle gourd.Don't let a bottle of meet with his/her own mouth, infuse so.
This wine not from the mouth in vomit.But from the nostril in spewed out to come.The wine of the bedlamite is a strong drink, and Han You traverses for paying attention to a health use of this kind of drinks the way is again too hasty, a while infused a quite a few in a row, the throat hotly emits smoke and haven't come yet and lift up a wine bottle, the thing of a hot pepper water sort from the nose in come out.

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