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This is an on the gamble plan, Ma Wei's in the mind but very equanimity, he is for the sake of the target this time.Already the Qing does the best.Isn't successful, then become Ren, he waits for having been too long on this day.But end the success or failure all have already lacked intense emotion to him.He wants to do of and just want to conclude for this matter doing.
Can not delay any more, after dramatized to die, then was scathingly harsh to the his ground task progress on the organization, even and someone put forward to send moreover director to be responsible for Ta-hua the local market is for summer.Here is him ground site, he with patience conducts for several years and disallows anyone to come over depredation and breakage.
He also believes firmly.Oneself only just can manage very China a country market.
Just plan frequently failure, let organization appear to settle a layer to his supply.Can the foot hand carry out this to at last and with a run assault, still have to the benefit regard highly very much at the peacetime his No.3 leader.Those Americans hardly believe outsider.The No.3 leader will don't abandon him and still be giving timely assistance in this time, Ma Wei knows, this isn't oneself is how of outstanding, but because China country market to organize to say too importance.But Tang Bu Yi's hand up, and then have them the thing wanted to get very much.
There isn't any stars on the sky, but drive brightly the firework order bright.The smoke flower puts out clearly, Ma Wei's face then in this night view the Yin Jing is uncertain.
BE should conclude.This plan has already consumed too many people's life, but probably wants wager this time top own life.
Ma Wei slightly sighs, if the in the mind releases a heavy burden.It is pure to settle throat.The voice is emolliently simple and direct arrangement to plan.
"On the ninth, be responsible for a manufacturing disorder and draw on enough bodyguard thermodynamic power.""The tenth, the 11th, is responsible for holding for ransom young rat from the both sides."
"The wheat Si is responsible for rendering assistance and breaks behind."
"Such as if the other party thermodynamic power is too fierce but can not take a person----Can the shot kill on the spot."
Ma Wei's voice just fell in, noisy traditional Chinese ground the day river inside in the city square then rang out sharply a gun voice.
", Someone hit by bullet----"
"Kill a person.Kill a person."
"Police, someone was killed."
Just still carried people whom the song carries a dance in disorder in one regiment, is like a flock of headless fly sort to flee indiscriminately everywhere.The river city in sky is around responsible for the noise of shouting that maintains warnningly the polices to hear an inside, think hard to in dash into.Is helpless be been dashing by that but go to try very hard to flee for life each time a ground of crowd to blunt spread.Basically can't close to trouble occurrence of center.
Tang Guo helplessly looking at in front to just and stills just distribute beautiful toy ground toward he or she and Lin Bao Er the Santa Claus noiselessly pour in the pool of blood and wait until her to respond while coming over, already drive nearby always together bodyguard to press to pour on the ground.
Tang Bu Yi stands at not the distance put out strength ground to threaten nearby of bodyguard, let them hurriedly hurtle to come over to protect Tang Guo.But no matter how those bodyguards make great effort, still can't push Tang Guo nearby.Here is a sky, river city square most center, one personal ocean of tide is thrown into a pebble, the reaction aroused by that pebble is wonderfully.
Is a to protect own body the black dress bodyguard body hit by bullet on Tang Guo, the body after being stiff once suddenly becomes a ground of again soft.Then protect in the hand of Tang Guo head feebly pendency.The whole individual becomes a ground of obscure.
Tang Guo lies on the ground a to move also motionless.She knows that bodyguard for the sake of protection she but threw her own life.She is worried about her own safety, worry the safety of Lin Bao Er and the safety of the father more.She has been dying hopeless situation to trail Lin Bao Er's hand.It is afraid that she suddenly also had no consciousness like this bodyguard.Like a small hand to also equally and emolliently hold her ground over there hand, this makes her in the mind a little bit a little bit pleasurable.
Tang Guo just thinking title sees whether father's safety wear of time, another black dress man's protecting her is on the body.
"Don't lift up head.At me shout at the time that ran, you strongly to ran in the crowd.The person of the dynasty many of the place run."The man's voice is hoarse, but very dispassion.Obviously, he trains a vegetable at ordinary times, to the crisis condition like this has enough understanding.

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