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The autumn of the leaf is tiny tiny on smiling, grasped to knead the conglobation to snow on the ground, then filled the mouth that traverses into Han You inside.
The icy cold snow regiment goes into a mouth, ice water slowly melts, wine spirit diluted just, the throat is also much more comfortable.Put on a pair of tears, a face gratefully looking at for autumn, the leaf says:"Thank.This wine is too strong."
The tone of talking has already changed, feel some stems, and then crouch down to knead a few snow regiments, oneself fills into mouth inside, this just feel a little more pleasurable.
Once saw bedlamite as well like this infuse wine before, comparing his ground the action was much more fierce.Somebody else why have no matter son?
Big Xia's returning is really not do.Han You traverses to embrace that wine bottle gourd, the unlucky of one face.
The autumn of the leaf is from the pocket in pull out one handle knob gun, say:"We beside Lue, conveniently pick up some escape from punishment."
Han You traverses to looking at the black pistol in the hand of leaf for autumn.Swallow snow water in the mouth under go to, the voice hoarsely says:"Do you also use a gun?"
Doesn't Wu Lin's superior all not use knife and sword?That?
"Need not gun why?Greatly and from afar ability one gun explode a head, in many ways and then."Leaf autumn the doesn't matter ground say.
Han You traversed to swallow to swallow saliva, but strong endure the words in the heart don't speak.Just said what cold weapon and high-techly rightness definitely, feelings is to make the somebody else take sword to put together.
The bedlamite isn't really cold.Still keep being that green Shan, circle soft bottom cotton shoes, hold that heavy sword, if take off a rabbit sort to wear body respectfullly dynasty that small building is blunt pass by.The body is constantly left shift right to move, sometimes also Gao Gao Yue since, is like the wood pot that performs on the stunt.
"SHIT!Take aim to prohibit."Small building 2 F inside, a men use Vietnamese angry ground of say, the in front carries to put a can with that the night see of attack by surprise a rifle.
Hear his ground words, Guo Cheng Yang pensively from the pocket in pull out two handle knob guns.Say towards rounding after death severals and belonging to at him descending:"The Ruan is clear, dog son, there is also gold lock.You 3 go to the first floor and stay by the side.The window sealed to die, you stayed by the side front door good."
"BE.Head son."Three men promise and embrace a gun to come downstairs.
Guo Cheng Yang is from the pocket in take out a cellular phone, stir beat connect the number of hope, rang several voices just be connected.
"Eldest brother Guo has what order?Just in the car beat doze, the driver reminds I just hear the cellular phone in the pocket ring."Connect to hope to beat yawn to say.Not at Guo Cheng Yang nearby, he some have Shi have no perhaps.The distance is so far, he always can't a shot to death himself/herself.
"You stupid goods.Be followed all don't know."The gnash teeth in hatred ground of Guo Cheng Yang says.He sought some brotherses to arrive China.Originally think revenge by waging guerrilla warfare Han Jia and Chen Jia, accept Long Guo Jia one-time underground influence, then weigh to flap household.
Unexpectedly the brotherses just arrived a this place, even connect take a rest for a nights all have no.Sought to come for someone, this wasn't followed is what?
Although only a person who sees the other party, Guo Cheng Yang doesn't dare to underestimate enemy as well.Who know how many ambushes the outside has?
"What?"The voice that connects a hope also suddenly raises and loudly asks a way:"How can and so?"
BE asking a this sentence ground for time, connect hope have already heard the other party of spread a gun voice in words tube.The brains that connects a hope has a short moment ground the deadlock of, just made a phone call to seek credit to the young master.Say oneself already satisfactory completion task.How at present can explain?
"How can and so?Shoulding ask you is just right.It is quicker to notify your main son, let him send person to render assistance."Guo Cheng Yang hated ground to hang a telephone.If waiting he to once escaping this to rob, doing not be going to seek to connect spirited to say well can not.
Connect to hope to listen to spread the every drop voice in telephone, pipe down think some kind of wordses after, this just dialed the telephone of young master.
"Young master, the important event isn't good.Eldest brother Guo doesn't know whether once go out, his movements leaks out and arouses the other people's attention and just receives his telephone.Said to is someone to start an attack to him.Do we want to send person to render assistance?"Connecting hopes that the voice anxiously says.

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