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What miracles Antworten

Immediately start favour living for someone, the fee soars to say with a smile:"It unexpectedly is grilled meat store in Korea, want to be not.We send to a corpse to do how is original material?It is said that person's meat is sourly, have never tried, don't know as well isn't true."
"Is not the meeting too disgusted?"The autumn of the leaf touches the nose asking a way.
"Have a little son."The fee soars to nod."However they should appreciate us.After all.Person's meat be not who can try."
"It is all right.That makes them try."The autumn of the leaf says.
2 people mutually see to smile for a ground of time, public the skin of head listenning to a ground of become numb, this lord one servants all grow a ground of handsome, how the idea will be thus cruel and always like to so abnormally adjust.White cloud airport in the Yan city, two men who wear black western dress raise brand etc. at wait machine hall in.
The age is slightly a little older is a China country man, the head isn't high, the body is tiny to grow fat, although the iodine wears a big belly.But look to have vehemence, look like is large group ground governor.What to raise brand is an American, curl hair, the skin color is very white, write GE group wheat to test the name of benefit on the brand.
2 people are just a face to at quiet look at exit, there is no the exchanges on language.They just received one member in the battalion, didn't draw anyone's attention.
After few minutes, spread a pleasing ground of broadcasting of stewardess in airport trumpet voice:Shenzhen flies to the F Flight 1109 of Yan city to arrive a Yan city punctually.
Although is very small, if not and cautiously see.Can't see.2 people all breath a sigh of relief at the same time, the body tightly collapsing seemed to be also to have some loose chis.China country the man and American young man mutually see a to smile, then throw view again to honored guest export.
After about ten minutes, start someone lifting baggage to come out from the exit.A team draw their attentions.
This team totally has four people and walk is most anterior at an American fatty, and China country the man is similar, all that the shape is short small, looks but has the man of dishonest trader essence very much.Close on the heels of afterward of is a China country man, wear to fix attention on a mirror.It is cultured beautiful and slender.Appearance gentlely.Positive face curiously conjectures airport in the Yan city and returns a face to smile idea ground and front ground the fatty say what.What to follow behind is sexily that a bodyguard shape ground black and one are beautiful woman.Wear silvery occupation suit, the Niu of white underclothing buttons up solution ground very low, peep out a big slice of cripple snow sort of pure white.
"Mr. Chen didn't come back for a long time?"Tom is nearby lousy to smile to ask of China country man.
"Yes, owner.Didn't come back for 45 years, had never thought to originally establish have been already withdrawn in Long Kou's airport, build up an imposingly new airport of luxury in the white cloud area again."Chen Jian Zhou respectully answer way.Although he is an organization inside two leader Luo is virtuous strong that person that parties, come out to follow Tom lousy reconstruction Asia market, still want to him keep enough respect of.
"Yes.This is miraculously a country.What miracles all probably is born on them.And they ground people the diligence is simple, than those good Yi bad Lao the American who know to use credit card make people much more easy on the eyes."The Tom lousy Hao Don't mention it belittles he or she ground country.
Chen Jian Zhou smiles not to talk, so the ground topic isn't suitable for to deeply keep on talking.The Tom lousy position can say this kind of words, he can not say.He works in the headquarters for several years, know those American to yellow race person ground the Qi see.
They come back to rebuild Asian outlet this time, the first station chooses at the Yan city of China country.Tom is lousy to is a China, speak with his words be, the officials of China country easily communicate.But Japan the officials of these nation in Korea really were too ultra conservative.And still have to every moment guard against various inspect organization to seek to come.
Come to China country an official, is each join the government of politician all eagerly matter.
Chen Jian Zhou sees arrive exit greet of brand, say:"Owner, the GE group was sent person to pick us up."
"H'm.Do a drama to always need to do complete set.There is such an amulet, start to do a matter to come also easily some.We today need to specially draw out to be a GE group investigation, and want to open a meeting.Must be careful.Can not serve as what mistake.The network of this China country completely collapses, we are bodies negative heavy responsibility.Mr. Chen, I need your to help with all strength."

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