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All the golds mansion leaves a leaf to go to work for autumn of the Tang's mansion isn't far, but leaf the autumn don't want to arrive a car the Tang is seen by the colleague for the sake of looking for a parking lot and expended many time.Wait until the time of arriving to the Tang, have already been late quite a few for minute.
The year end is nearly.The Tang but changed a New appointee chief executive officer in this time.It is said that the new appointee chief executive officer has strict request in the safe aspect, the Tang previous protection strength enough violent, and then invite such a new-born strength.Use come in in Chinese New Year can with before the bodyguard by turn turn on duty.Since make the time in Chinese New Year, also have to have enough hand to promise the safety is the Tang'sly.
Anne protects a department to take 1 F in the mansion, is also at under the underground.In addition to a huge parking lot the Tang's mansion down stairs, other sites are all Anne to maintain all.
Because the design is reasonable, well ventilated with adopt light all very good.At take 1 F to transact to pour don't feel to suppress as well.
While leaving autumn yesterday, the captain of leaf that surname song gives an account to let a today morning 8:00 comes over to report.The autumn of the leaf arrives of time, the job advertisement came over yesterday of those people have already lined up and just protected a section at Anne station soldier Zi.
A man who wears black western dress is standing before troops Xun words, the song idea and old once exchanging blows with leaf autumn yesterday stands at him after death.Don't understand this man is what identity.
"----The Tang'sly brilliancy I already need not again say.As long as is the persons who have eyes can see, auditive persons can hear.The imposing strength son of this Tang's mansion you all saw?Canning come to the Tang to work is also your lucks.Since came, well work for me.The song captain will protect the regulation system of department for each of you, Anne, , all of that tops are what you have to obeys.Who breached rules to fuck off for me-----Ah, that who who, you is who?Go toward where drill?Didn't see us in the conference?"
The autumn of the leaf originally wants to take advantage o the time that he talks and secretly slips away a troops to behind stand and have never thought still drive he to take aim.
"I am a newly arrived bodyguard."The autumn of the leaf acrosses an ex- one step and says.
"Call what name?"
"The autumn of the leaf."
"The autumn of the leaf?Being a roll call ground time nobody just should of the?Go to work and then be late on the first day.What were you the Tang as?What were you again you as?Does our Tang Dong still go to work punctually every day, do you come to do big Ye?"Man long ground stand week positive, be talk some asperities.And he prepares to take leaf's this typical model to come to kill a chicken to respect a monkey for autumn, province these guy hereafter not manage.
"It is sorry.Seeking is wrong place, so delayed for several minutes."The autumn of the leaf depressedly explanation way.He really seeks wrong place, however, is seek wrong the place of parking.Originally find out a parking lot, a women opened while just preparing to open over a car BMW to towarded him to wildly press the trumpet.Signaling hint that is hers.The autumn of the leaf has to and re- seeks a place.
"Seeking is wrong place?Are your eyes getting blinder?The Tang so big brand could you not see?Does this kind of look in the eyes still run to accept appointment bodyguard?"
The autumn of the leaf is wrinkly to knit the brows, say:"Talking had better be a little more polite.Since know that this is the Tang.Will notice the image of supporting the Tang."
"Hey, you still started to teach me.Boy, the big Ye comes to the time that the Tang is bodyguard, you still don't know where play mud.Teach me?You not enough space."
"Do long for a ground of time can not represent you to acquire the qualifications that can humiliate other people."The autumn of the leaf pulls a long face to say."Still have, I have no you so ground big Ye.If you don't understand how to talk a ground of words, that doesn't talk as far as possible."
The song idea beside sees a leaf for autumn and Anne protect a vice- director crest Gang, the in the mind has some pleasant sensation unclearly.Artistic skill of leaf autumn he once experienced, really is too much relentless.Even he all has no confidence dozen by himself ground to lead him.
Oneself ground under charge's having a superior like this isn't a good matter son, oneself probably the position of captain also drive he to rend away.
He still cuts and polishes a behind how leaf does the autumn give to kick out and have never thought he on the first day conflict with Zhang Zhan.Zhang Zhan is young and then becomes Anne to protect a vice- director, not just and up someone to look after.

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