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18.11.2021 03:34
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everyone knows that he has backstage, also no one dares to provoke him.Connect Anne to protect a ministers to all avert from situation, as far as possible at enmity with he conflicts.
Zhang Zhan originally just thinks in leaf's autumn body up sign Wei, have never thought how to make it lively for him.He used to indulge at ordinary times and talked with others habitual of will take some dirty words.Include Anne to protect a ministers all at enmity with he holds the same kind of view, other persons are to can't put these small problems in the mind, have never thought leaf the autumn so in earnest rectify him.
Drive leaf the autumn so in public against, Zhang Zhan feels that oneself's face sweeps floor.To leaf autumn the new soldier nature that dares to against him denounce openly.
"From where come to ground kinglet's eight Gao sons that don't grow an eye?How do I talk to still teach with you?How to wear?Don't want to do BE?Don't want to do and then hustle along to fuck off for me.Not the sorrow of our Tang could not recruit a person."
"The Tang isn't your house, you have what qualifications make decision for the Tang?"
"I still have whether qualifications decision wants to employ you."Zhang Zhan turns head to looking at a song idea and says:"Song captain, is this it you that recruited comer just yesterday?I have a little a son matter son not at, are you to so guard a pass for the Tang?This person is what character, you all saw?"
The song idea compensates to say with a smile:"Director piece felt at that time his artistic skill being not bad, recruited to come over.Unexpectedly will be a temperament like this----You looking at how to handle.We certainly want to listen to the order of leadership."
Zhang Zhan feels a song idea this boy very last, intentionally pull a long face to say:"Tang Dong values Anne to protect to work most , you are all knowing.Know Tang Dong takes a post is the first matter to do what?Be want to enlarge our Anne to protect a department.We want to value this problem to be highly naturally and invite a Gao character qualified bodyguard talented person.Be like some characters however hard person's residue determinedly can not make him stay in the Tang's bodyguard troops."
Leaf autumn ground the corner of mouth pull on putting on sneer and beside look on coldly and looking at before set Zhang Zhan is severe and solemn demeanor of talk.Clearly because have personal grudge to want to expel he or she a door with oneself, don't want to do an is for the country a people for the Tang's despicable looks.Seem don't kick out oneself, the Tang will doom general.
It is own to originally do this bodyguard at the time since the idea, and Chen Mo Nong leaves of time, repeatedly request a leaf for autumn, must look after good Tang Guo for her.Tang Bu Yi's obfuscation doesn't come to, Wang Bo severely wounded is in the bed, and Tang Guo nearby even has no an available persons.Although nearby of the bodyguard is many, truely understanding of but have no 1.
Unexpectedly the tiger falls even sun drive the dog deceit , after getting into the Tang, wased unexpectedly scolded for Xun by these bitted parts some kind of.
The autumn of the leaf is inside very proud, the other people are more the matters that would not like to make him do, and he still more wants to try.The then it guy wants to kick out he, he still doesn't want to prepare to stay can not.
Can fix your lord son, not letter can not fix a few small.
Zhang Zhan feels his/her own cushion ground about, deplores greatly ground to say:"For keeping our clean and pure and usefulness of Tang Shi An Bao's system, want to determinedly bum out outside in the door to those black sheep of the families.Song captain, the person is what you recruit to come, was beaten by you to deliver."
Song idea the heart is pleased, but the in the mind is afraid to some the artistic skill in leaf autumn, don't dare to give offense to ground as well too much.The boorish is very martial, if incensed for him, if he sprinkles to oneself Sa, also difficult protect oneself can't suffer loss.
Obediently say:"BE.I understand a director's meaning."
The words that do like this, can push all responsibilities to Zhang Zhan Shen.Even if the leaf autumn really needs to deliver a violent wind, always can't dynasty oneself's this innocent people begin?
The autumn of the leaf this just knows that this Xun scolded man, Xing Zhang, of he or she's along while, say with a smile:"Director piece's meaning is should how handle me?"
"Certainly is make you roll ground from a distance."Zhang Zhan says with proud look.As Anne protect a director, this power is still certain.
The Tang's Anne protects system to below belong to two squads, one brigade the main job is the safety that protects a president, although say is belong to protect an at Anne under,

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