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"I want to complain to the president."The autumn of the leaf says.The in the mind hesitates to want to tell Tang Guo the circumstance that he takes place and lets her notices the problem of this a cake of.
"President?"Zhang Zhan Leng for a while, then roar with laughter."The autumn of the leaf, is your head to have ever been clipped by plank in the door?Do you know what person the Tang's president is?Yan mayor in city City wants to see her to still want to make the secretary make a phone call to reserve in advance.Do you think who you are?"
The Zhang Zhan cajolery ground conjectures a leaf autumn.Say with a smile:"Go.I give you an opportunity.If you can see a president, I not only stay you.I still need to kneel down to pour tea apology to recognize you to do eldest brother."
The autumn of the leaf shakes head and says:"I don't want to accept you this kind of out of the run younger brother."
The Zhang Zhan facial expression Yin fiercely shouts a way to the song idea:"Song captain rushes through a person.If three minutes inside still see him in front of me, you fuck off together with him."
The song idea repeatedly calls BE, run to the leaf autumn in front, one face is difficult ground of to say:"The autumn of the leaf, you see this circumstance----You still keep leaving."
The eyebrows Ning seeing a leaf for autumn gets up, song idea in the mind a panic, hurriedly explanation way:"You also saw, I was also the order that was subjected to a top.If you don't walk, I also follow unlucky.The autumn of the leaf.The day goes a kind, don't make us difficult."
"He makes you die, don't you go?"The autumn of the leaf sneers at to see toward the song idea.Zhang Zhan develops thus pride arrogantly trouble, he does this do captain ground to have no some responsibility?
"You----"Song idea almost drive words of leaf autumn to choke dead, the in the mind is also some angry, say:"The autumn of the leaf.You don't walk again a ground of words, I am about to rush through a person."
"Try."Leaf autumn doesn't matter ground Song shrug Bang.
Top of the person don't know to descend an inside ground circumstance, his pouring isn't afraid to give° the affair to make greatly and come out this matter to the Tong.The Tang's Anne protects strength to re- strengthen, these guys also need to bum out.
"His mama of, give° him me to throw to go out."Zhang Zhan waves hand to say.
The thunder-storm is before Tang Bu Yi's chief secretary, suddenly get sick to leave the Tang at Tang Bu Yi, after Tang extravagant Tang Guo takes over the Tang, she then resigned from the job of secretary department director.Serve as Tang Guo's president's assistant one job.
The Tang's everyday morning goes to work at 9:00, but the thunder-storm still protected to be used as secretary Tang Bu Yi before ground habit, will arrive at the Tang an hour in advance every day.On the other hand sweep office hygiene for Tang Guo.Moreover and on the other hand, she can advance to carry on a sorting on that day processed document and business that president wants, after the president came can in time of make collective report to her.
Thunder-storm own snow Buddha to stop at the back of the parking lot, lift a bag is just wanting to go upstairs by elevator, see Anne protecting a section to spread to argue a voice.
The assistant that is used as Tang Guo, all of the business of group all need to be advertent.Anne's protecting a department is a very special section, in creating economic efficiency, it far not nearly other sections.But it can guarantee whole Tang's mansion ground safe privacy is used items like electricity,etc with water.
The thunder-storm has no hasty last elevator, dynasty Anne protect a department to there walk over there.See a group of persons rounding Long together.Walked hurriedly and quickly again while seeming to want that begins with others power several step.
"What is the row?"The thunder-storm drinks to scold a way.
Whether who the responsibility of this matter is appears Dou to beat a phenomenon in the Tang's inner part, if be badly seen by the customer, wills arouse influence or not.Especially the Tang is lately old now the Tang's steady harmony for handing over to connect a ground of sensitive period, even wanting public security.Zhang Zhan is about to receive a person leaf when the autumn throw to go out hear have chemisette Xun to scold a way.Once turned a face to go, see one wearing white occupation suit and burning to curl hair.Fasten a purple silk kerchief ground on the high Bo neck beautiful woman Be positive style of style of to walk.
How did she come?
Zhang Zhan's at heart isn't quick, but face up still heap write smile, come forward hello way:Secretary Lei, , not, should be a big thunder assistant.Come at work ?Every day come so early, the companies should deliver a diligent medal for you.

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