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18.11.2021 03:52
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And this guy is good at to do surface of article.And the brainses of each section are all on good terms.The behind has the person on the side of a heavy weight again, she didn't intentionally go and can not pass with him as well..
And.She at that time just a secretary, Anne maintained again from become system, she which had the affair that the right to tube Anne protected a department?
Zhang Zhan says "hello" with her, she also not give offense to him clean, modest way:"The medal doesn't dare to want and wear diligently and more than me.My house leaves company near, so coming to ground is early some.Director piece, this is what is the row
The thunder-storm points at to round Long to become a turn of ground bodyguard to say.Her although the head isn't short, those bodyguard also is personal Gao Ma Da Dun, she hasn't discovered that the leaf of crowd middle is for autumn.
"Ha ha.Nothing important matter son.This person wanted to come to steal a car, was held tight by us.BE just preparing to send a police station."Zhang Zhan beats ha ha say.
"Steal a car?"Thunder-storm doubt the ground saw one eye in the dynasty crowd, but sewed from the person in see one acquainting with face.
Is him?
The thunder-storm mind wildly jumps, he how can here?Took place with Zhang Zhan what antinomy?How can be considered as to steal a car thief?
The thunder-storm knows a leaf for autumn, and, they make contact with a ground of number of times many.Leaf autumn the first time come to the time of the Tang be blocked at the door by Wei in the door don't let into, is old president Tang Bu Yi to give an account that she greets to the underneath in person.
Afterwards while seeking president Tang autumn every time, the leaf is mostly received by thunder-storm.It sometimes even is the big servant of president Tang Wang Bo to receive in person.
He should is Tang Dong's friend just to, how can arrived here?
Since is so, the thunder-storm can not neglect ignore.She walks to the crowd outer circle and again make sure that that man was he or she to once receive several leaf an autumn, not only and his outlooking alikely man, the openings says:"Director piece, exactly and what is the row son?In broad daylight of, how can does someone come to steal a car?"
Zhang Zhan Zhou knit the brows.He listens to the ground come out, the thunder-storm talks tone obviously is at bigotry leaf autumn.
Is this boy naturally a small white face?How does this cold beauty of secretary Lei help on meeting him?
Although Zhang Zhan is some don't wish,have to answer the question of thunder-storm, either.The this Niangs identity is getting more different, Be not the previously full-time secretary any more now, but president's assistant, is also say.Is the president's assistant, the group all of the businesses all have what power participate.
"The thunder assistant is such.Our colleague sees this boy secretively turn around in the parking lot of, comes forward to ask words.Unexpectedly he sees someone coming over and taking to the heels and then running.We ground the person is all that the crack troops is strong will, which can make him run away?This just blocked up him not, was just preparing to send to police station."
Zhang Zhan intentionally lifts wrist to took a look the ground of wrist imitate Switzerland watch, surprised shout a way:"Oh.All at 8:30.Thunder assistant, you hurriedly go to favour, this matter son I will handle okay.Not Lao you give a lot of care.If you don't trust a ground of words, I am late some to hand over a report for you."
"Director piece, I am clearly a lately- invited bodyguard of the Tang, how became to steal a car thief?You fight the skill of revenge severe, Zheng's wearing the skill that eyes tell a tall tale isn't bad either."The leaf autumn hands embrace chest and looking at Zhang Zhan to perform before stage like a clown.
He also recognizes out thunder-storm, although don't know thunder-storm now is what identity, with Zhang Zhan to her polite degree, should the Class isn't low.And.The person whom Tang Bu Yi originally believes deeply, Tang Guo appears on stage now, certanly will will greatly use ground.
"Is exactly a son what is the row?Director piece, this image that involves to our Tang, asks to make to falsely forge."Also the thunder-storm plank rises a face to say.
Her in the mind is already to make a decision, anyway, also want to stand a leaf the this place is for autumn of.If can sell to leaf's personal feeling for autumn, that is had better however.
"Thunder assistant, you can not listen to and believe his ground one-sided statement.Don't believe you to ask song captain and Lyu Fu's captain?Still these colleague can do a certificate as well."Zhang Zhan Yi face dark the ground swept to see 1 turn.The complexion not and kindly says to the thunder-storm.
Although he has scruples about the identity of thunder-storm,she participates so the work that Anne protects a department and also lets Zhang Zhan's in the mind isn't great very much.

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