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"There is Ran the song winter night?"The autumn of the leaf asks a way.
"Have."Girl's son nods."Am I listenning to."
", I want to buy her disc.Her record sells ground how?"The autumn of the leaf concerns ground to ask a way.
"How?Handsome boy how concerns so her?Do you know each other?"My daughter's child smiles the ground of Xi Xi to open fun of leaf autumn."She ground the record sell ground very good.It is very good.Purchased goods each time, very quick will sell out."
The autumn of the leaf also pretty likes this to look cleverness skillfully girl's son, and she shouts she ground the form of address don't already make a ground of autumn in the mind dark great.
Say with a smile:"How many records do you still have her here?"
"H'm.This I not clear.Need to be checked.How many do you want?"Girl's son was slanting head to want to think and say.
"You still surplus how many?All of me wanted."The autumn of the leaf says.He remembers Ran winter night at the beginning plays trick to say afraid sell not well an all sell not to go out, oneself so can't the meeting make her a little bit happy?
The girl son Mi wears gallantly eyes to stare at a leaf autumn fierce lo, say with a smile:"Hey, originally are you also the iron powder of winter son.Your etc..I check for you.The goods just entered yesterday sold for a day today, and an elder sister bought 20 to say to send a person.Afraid is the source wasn't much."
The girl son stands up from the seat.Draw back back a small door, came out after going in in a short while, embraced a to fold disc in hand, say:"Only having is 16.Do you really and all want?"
"All want.Wrap for me."The autumn of the leaf says.
"Good.Slightly wait."Girl's son takes out finely the packing bag , after putting into disc, pass the packing bag to the leaf autumn.2 people's finger contains brief contact, the hand of girl's son is slippery to get fed up with cool.
"How much ?"
"It totally is 325 pieces.Seeing you long ground of is handsome, 300 pieces got."
The autumn of the leaf says with a smile:"Or don't have your cheapness."
Take out 400 dollars to pass in the past, said:"Need not returned change.Happy new year."
"Happy new year."Gallantly girl's son eyes stare at a face of leaf autumn.Suddenly say:"How do I feel that you are very familiar looking?"
"BE?"The autumn of the leaf touches he or she ground face, say:"The persons who know me all say that I am like beam dynasty Wei."
"Thick-skinned."Girl's son also follows to smile.
After waiting until a leaf to lift to wrap to leave for autumn, girl's son still where does the station looking at him to far go to background.
"It is strange.How feel that he is so familiar looking?"Girl's son is mumbling to oneself.
When his view by accident transfers to hang specialized on the wall for the television that the customer tries a disc is on board, suddenly and suddenly realize.
Originally, he is that at 《meet by chance?MV the inside and Ran kiss a ground of men winter night.
Because 《meet by chance 》 wildfire, take water wood university as background with leaf autumn for the male leading role take of the MV is also well-known.And he and Ran the Qing city winter night a kissed to also become the topic that the public takes delight in talking about.
Since make people feeling only beautiful, the but again feels a bit incomplete.Is only beautiful because of but, still because of only beautiful oneself is a kind of incomplete?Numerous commentaries take off out this part and use a great deal of space commentary, two square getting into a hot dispute of Dou.
Leaf autumn today loses Zhang Zhan Zheng's face to the utmost.Coming out and having a small beauty can flirt and feel a life to still keep having already rushed a head.Make the leaf feel an enrichment for autumn besides.
Dismantled a disc to fill into a car stereo set, pack other discs well, after putting into car compartment.After buying together a gift, rush through to pass by to the cloth master son ground house.
The door that is a cloth cloth to open sees a leaf lift big pack of packet to stand on the doorway for autumn and can not control feelings ground to peep out happy expression on the face, but feel so not good.Cover up very soon again.
The autumn of the leaf notices the small actions of cloth cloth naturally.But the affectation didn't see and smiled to ask a way:"The grandpa is at home?"
"At."Bu Bu answers behind.Just think of, what he ask is a grandpa at home, not your grandpa is at home.This boy, putting having a person is clear cheapness.Stare leaf autumn one eye after, just the side leads body to make him come in.She closed in the behind front door.
The cloth master son is stood doorway, look in the eyes in leaf's autumn hand didn't in lift of gifts, such as Mao Tai and ginseng...etc. up stop over a short moment.But is be like have already loved hand Pi ground stare at a leaf autumn of hand,

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