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Zhang Zhan sees money an accountancy not and dare to obstruct a leaf for autumn, the station starts to say:"Accountancy money, I remember last time with you beat come to grips shout.The work packs a fee and stays to guard money that the personnel purchases a welfare to all get ready for the Chinese New Year?"
"BE get ready.But----"Accountancy money sees a leaf for autumn.Again see is just making toward him Zhang Zhan of look in the eyes, the very anxious to Wu wears the face weep aloud.This his mama is what matter son.Two of you Dou Dou, we these small potatos also want to follow to meet with calamity.
"But what?Last time all beat for you come to grips shout.Don't go now?"The Zhang Zhan angry ground says.
"Director piece, I have no where meaning.You also saw----Money is few now, if you all want to spend money a ground of words with leaf's directors, this affirmation isn't enoughly.Want to be not, I take out all of moneys, do two of you looking at solution?"Accountancy money also wants to want to hurriedly get away.
The autumn of the leaf saw Zhang Zhan Yi's eye and said to accountancy money:"Stir money to Lyu Biao captain.Zhang Fu director there of the matter son can postpone."
Zhang Zhan full face the wrath ground hurtle to the leaf autumn in front.Scold a way:"The autumn of the leaf, were you still true to take oneself for personal thing?Don't give you three cents, color, you want to open dyer.With what you have to spend money and then can use.Will I postpone?"
The autumn of the leaf apathetically looking at Zhang Zhan because angry but some faces of distortions, very anxious to one punch head his nose to beat to crouch down.
However leaf the autumn Be strong to endure down, serve as the time that Anne protects a minister in the leaf autumn, the thunder-storm made a phone call for him to once explain the matter son of Zhang Zhan Di.Tang Guo has a foothold now unsteady, she needs the aid of the dint of ten thousand clear cloud of uncle Zhang Zhan.If kick out Zhang Zhan, perhaps will make ten thousand clear cloud pour to and the Xing of Tang Guo's at enmity with pair president there.
Leaf the autumn this place can't have a problem naturally, if he more rises true, solve pretty much Zhang Zhan can not also use his ground time is for a minute.And Yan pleasant breeze those people compare, he is too insignificant.Even can completely neglect.
The autumn of the leaf smiled to smile.Say:"Because I am a director, you is pair director.You the ground is spent money, I don't criticize."
"You----"Zhang Zhan points at a leaf for autumn, Leng is spirit ground the along while could not say words.You along while, really can not figure out to use what reason come to answer criticism his words.
Huang Ying Zhan admires ground to looking at a leaf for autumn in the behind one face, have never thought this looks all day long smilingly the young superior will have so overbearing of time .
Wish, even if don't can make his ground woman, occasionally to intense emotion contact also affirmation will let the giddy absolute being of people be fond of.Make love with man like this, affirming will be very interesting.
09 years of Chinese New Year eve.A song is widely popular big river south north.
The streets and alleyses all put Ran winter night the ground 《meet by chance 》 , the sound is like a store, dress store, market and still has the trumpet on bus the inside, is all Ran everywhere is tiny to take some sad languages winter night of moan.
The owners didn't thought of, Ran the first album sale winter night power head will thus of fierce.And the song " meet by chance" certanly will become in 2010 the most popular song
Establish a reputation probably just for an instant, quick of even the party concerneds are all some to catch unprepared.
The autumn of the leaf is stopped car the sound is like store doorway and listenned to a whole of after 《meet by chance 》 , wish, no wonder that this song ability fire become this appearance, compare before listen to of the first edition O.K. listen to.
Think like this.Push away car door to be like a store to walk over there to the sound.
Sound's being like the store front of counter is one to wear baseball cap ear up fill headphones to listen to song ground young girl.Girl's son big eyes small nose, the skin white is clean.Be dressed in a set whitely sportswear, badly now beautiful.See a leaf come in for autumn, toward the signal that he did an invitation, but also have no to come forward to help introduction on one's own initiative.
The autumn of the leaf swept to see one eye shop front.A few young girl's sons just at in choose disc.Don't know at discuss what, the Ji Ji Cha Cha ground, if side unmannedly the break into laughter voice come.
The autumn of the leaf was by hand knocked the table of knocking my daughter's kid's in front, girl's son raised head to see leaf's one eye for autumn,

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