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BALTIMORE – Kevin Seitzer does not have a doctorate in psychology and the Blue Jays recent offensive slump has him wishing he di Antworten

BALTIMORE – Kevin Seitzer does not have a doctorate in psychology and the Blue Jays recent offensive slump has him wishing he did. Cheap Los Angeles Chargers Jerseys . "Now would be a good time to have one," Seitzer joked to before Friday nights game against the Orioles. Its been a tough week. Entering Fridays action, the Blue Jays had lost five of their last six games, scoring a total of eight runs in that span. Baseballs leader with 91 home runs as a team, Toronto didnt hit any in the five defeats. The frustration is mounting, not that Seitzer needed anyone to point it out. "Its mental, emotional stuff," said Seitzer. "We were having so much fun and playing so well that when you hit a little bump in the road nobody likes it. When you dont like it you get mad and when you get mad after an at-bat and you go up for your next at-bat and it doesnt work out the way you want then you get more mad." Now is the time Seitzer gets away from swing-tweaking and mechanical suggestions. He becomes more a mental coach, inviting his group to take a seat on the proverbial couch. "I said, I want you guys to stay aggressive. I want you to compete your butt off on every at-bat but keep the emotions out of it," said Seitzer. "Weve got to keep the emotions in check. Understand that umpires are going to make bad calls you dont like, pitchers are going to hit spots that theyre not used to hitting consistently, were going to go through a little phase where we get painted up a little bit with guys who arent used to doing that." Hes talking about a guy like Minnesotas Kevin Correia, who entered Tuesday nights start with an ERA above six but shut the Jays offence down over six innings. Hes talking about a guy like Jaime Garcia of the Cardinals, who baffled Toronto over seven innings last Sunday. Garcia has a pedigree but is only recently returned from a year-long layoff following complicated shoulder surgery. Young Orioles fireballer Kevin Gausman held Toronto to a run over six innings on Thursday but Seitzer felt his offence had its best outing in a week. Gausmans fastball tops out at 98 miles per hour; he has a nasty splitter and a tough slider and hes learned a changeup, an effective weapon to keep hitters off balance. Seitzer liked, despite Gausmans relative dominance, his pitch count hitting 100 in the sixth inning, which forced him from the game. Theres also been some griping about recent umpires strike zones. Players have done a good job of not embarrassing the men in blue, quietly voicing displeasure without causing a scene. Seitzer had a way of handling such situations when he played. "Dont show them up, dont show body language, dont get them all mad but you have to let them know that you know that pitch was outside," said Seitzer. If Seitzer felt a called strike was a few inches off the plate, hed murmur as much to the umpire. A third baseman and first baseman in his playing days, Seitzer often would speak to the same umpire the next day and would receive admissions of missed calls. He said the conversations often helped to develop friendships with the umpires. One thing he doesnt want his pupils doing: going out of the strike zone because the umpire has a wide one. "The thing Im telling the guys is you cant change your zone," said Seitzer. "You dont want to expand because once you start expanding a little bit then youll expand more. You dont even want to deal with those pitches until two strikes when youre battling and protecting but I dont want you protecting four inches off the plate even with two strikes because, number one, you probably will miss it and number two, if you do put it in play youre going to be out because itll be softly hit." Seitzers ability to relate to hitters is, in part, a result of the experiences he had during his own career. In 1993, following his release by Oakland, Seitzer returned for a second stint with the Milwaukee Brewers. He made a decision. As an experiment, he would no longer allow himself to be affected by negative thoughts. If he went 0-for-5 in a game, hed arrive at the park the next day repeating to himself Youre hot, youre hot until he was convinced the previous nights donut was an aberration. There were times when his hitting coach thought he was crazy. Seitzer said he never went into a prolonged slump in either 1994 or 1995 and in those two seasons he posted OPSs of .828 and .815. Reflecting, Seitzer said his mental experiment laid the groundwork for his future career in coaching although he didnt know it at the time. Hed like Jays hitters to apply his theory. "We have to let that transition again back to the good," said Seitzer. "I said dont fight, dont force, dont try and do too much and dont get mad about it and just keep competing; compete each at-bat." Despite the recent team-wide slump, Toronto continues to lead baseball with 91 home runs (Colorado is second with 84) and is second in OPS (.769). Blips happen. The statistics suggest the Blue Jays will come around. A tough week doesnt negate a strong two-month stretch. "Ill admit I was extremely spoiled rotten watching this offence go night after night," said Seitzer. "Hopefully we can get this sucker turned around quick." Cheap Uchenna Nwosu Jersey . The moves were the first punitive steps taken by the Dolphins since a report on the NFLs investigation of the case was released last week. Investigators found that guard Richie Incognito and two teammates engaged in persistent harassment directed at tackle Jonathan Martin, another offensive lineman and an assistant trainer. Wholesale Chargers Jerseys .K. Subban and Matt Duchene will be the two skaters sitting out the teams opening game. ." One game is checked off, 15 remain and the next one to get crossed out could come Tuesday night when the defending champion Heat host the Milwaukee Bucks in Game 2 of their Eastern Conference playoff series.Its the beginning of a new week and TSNs Jack Armstrong offers his thoughts on All-Star Weekend, the Toronto Raptors coming out of the break, Kyrie Irvings All-Star performance, a resurgent Marco Belinelli and Drakes potential impact. 1. NBA ALL-STAR WEEKEND: Yes, I know there was next to no defence played last night in the All-Star Game, but I thoroughly enjoyed the amazing skill and athleticism on display from the best of the best. The bottom line is that its a celebration of the sport and our stars and, as long as no one gets hurt and the fans have fun, thats the key. I agree with the general consensus that the events on Friday and Saturday need to be improved and, with the All-Star Game coming to Toronto in 2016, Im hopeful that the weekend activities are upgraded. We need even more of the top stars to take part in the other events surrounding the Sunday main event in order for fans to really get excited. 2. RAPTORS BACK FROM ALL-STAR BREAK: Im here in Washington, DC already ahead of the Raptors (I had an NCAA TV game in the area over weekend) and, when you look at the first two games starting off the last 30 games of the regular season and see tough match-ups against the Wizards and the Chicago Bulls on a back-to-back, the challenge is right in front of you for positioning in the Eastern Conference playoff pecking order. A sense of urgency will surely be evident from their opponents with the Raptors currently occupying the third seed. Its going to take the teams best shot with good tests right off the jump to see if this group is ready to finish the season strong and make some noise come springtime. Usually the first few games after All-Star break are difficult to get players refocused on the task at hand and the ones who take advantage and show up ready to capitalize can earn victories that sometimes end up being the difference in crucial playoff seeding. Every game counts and really matters. Urgency and preparation are critical. 3. KYRIE IRVING, Cavaliers: Irving took a bunch of heat for being selected as an All-Star with his team underperforming so far, yet he produced. He was brilliant last night and showed his enormous potential and talent on a big stage. His Cleveland team started to play a whole lot better as they went into All-Star break and, if they can continnue their improvemen,t they might be able to make a run at the eighth seed in the East. Cheap Justin Jones Jersey. The Raptors see the Cavs twice in the next few weeks and I cant wait to see Kyle Lowry go head-to-head against Irving. Im sure hell be fired up to play against him and show him what hes got and beat his team since he was snubbed for the All-Star game. 4. MARCO BELINELLI, Spurs: The former Raptor won the Three-Point Contest on Saturday and its nice to see him come into his own over the past few seasons as a pro. Ioved his potential when he played for the Warriors before his Toronto stint and when I reflect on his lost season in Toronto, it was a shame it didnt work out. Hes a really talented scorer/shooter with tremendous court sense and is a tough competitor. Hes one of those guys I look back on that you wish could have hit his stride here. He was a good acquisition at the time and wasnt used effectively and his injuries, conditioning issues and inconsistent role in the rotation ended up making it a wasted season. Its a shame because a good one got away. 5. DRAKE: Whether youre a fan of his music or not is secondary because the more I reflect on his association with the Raptors, the more I see the impact that Drake can have for the organization in the next few years assisting in recruiting players to play in Toronto, as well as with retention efforts of players you want to keep here. Hes a passionate guy about his hometown and, as a former college coach who used to recruit for a living, you never know whats going to influence a player to commit to your team. I learned a long time ago that "what you think matters doesnt and what you think doesnt does." Its amazing when you look into the minds and thought process of talented athletes to see what their agenda is. Any way you can tip the scales in your favour, you do it. Hes got tremendous respect and cred with todays NBA player and if that helps even just a little bit, its a partnership thats well worth it. Obviously, money and playing time are always huge factors for players and agents, yet when you get past that, you never really know whats going to put you over the hump in the process. Every single edge you can gain on your competition, the better. The thing I like about him, too, is that his passion for the sport is legit. Cheap Canadiens Jerseys Cheap Predators Jerseys Cheap Devils Jerseys Cheap Islanders Jerseys Cheap Rangers Jerseys Cheap Senators Jerseys Cheap Flyers Jerseys Cheap Penguins Jerseys Cheap Sharks Jerseys Cheap Blues Jerseys Cheap Lightning Jerseys Cheap Maple Leafs Jerseys Cheap Canucks Jerseys Cheap Golden Knights Jerseys Cheap Capitals Jerseys Cheap Winnipeg Jets Jerseys ' ' '

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