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20.04.2019 08:47
The name Match is Antworten

The name Match is in the era of modern industrialization. With the popularity of electrical appliances and burning appliances, it has slowly disappeared from human life. It is difficult for people to see its existence in modern shopping malls and even modern stores. Many young people still don't know what it is. What is the match? What is the match? I want to revisit it here. It is used in the early years to ignite and use firewood. Now a young gas lighter used to light cigarettes. Of course, in the past, some people called it a foreign fire. It looks like the current ear sticks, but the gunpowder is glued on the head. After the special paper on the matchbox, it can be used to rub the fire, and then use it to fire something. It may be like the most remote and impoverished mountain villages in this age. I don��t use this kind of thing. I definitely use the current lighter. Why do I mention matches today? Because I feel that our society needs the spirit of matches. Why do the spirit of sacrificing and burning all beings say this, isn��t the indifference of this society because society lacks matches? So it��s so hot that there��s nowhere to go, you go to hear what��s around you, how many things happen here. You and my side, being robbed and stolen in the street is not a bad thing in our ears, and several gangsters can rob dozens or more people, and then the gangsters are still on the street. This is because the society lacks a match and everyone will not burn themselves first, so that many ugly things will succeed in the broad daylight. In fact, as long as someone stands up and burns first, I think it may burn. A raging fire. Even if someone first stands up and fails to take the lead, it can also act as a deterrent to ugliness. At that time, everyone was afraid that no one would respond if they stood up, and then they burned but did not work. Just like a match, they burned to the end, but did not point the firewood. This may be a common problem for the Chinese, so it has caused so many historical tragedies, just like China��s eight-year war of resistance against Japan, and the invasion of the eight governments of the Qing government. In fact, the truth is very simple, which is the lack of match consciousness, holding each one. Self-preservation consciousness, refused to burn themselves, but for the Qing government of the year, closed and self-willing to accept foreign things, in the end to defeat the foreigners under the guns <a href="">Marlboro Wholesale Price</a>, this is a disguised use of match consciousness. Later, the National Government was in fact the same. There was a sense of self-preservation between the warlords and the squadrons. Looking at others burning, they were not willing to add firewood, add fire, and watch others burn to the end. Therefore, the Japanese devils have been arrogant for eight years on the land of China, and there have been countless adultery and looting. If everyone in the Chinese nation has a sense of match, it is impossible for a Japanese devil to be jealous in this big country. Even if he can enter the country, it is difficult to go wherever he goes. You say that everyone is polishing the match. Even if others can't ignite others, then the place where the Japanese devils go is also a barren land, and the land he occupied will lose its meaning. Every self-burning will eventually leave a ruin, the invaders In other words, what is the significance of his machine maintenance, supply and demand, and it is precisely because of the lack of match consciousness at that time, so that the national powers have repeatedly ruined the country. At the time of the invasion of Japan, how many Chinese people had made pirates of the pseudo-military army, and the strength of a Japanese invasion was several million, but the number of puppet troops was one million. As for the tens of thousands of soldiers who captured the national army in Nanjing during the First World War, there may be battalion commanders and heads, but in the war against Japan, our army captured several invaders, no. Even if there is little pity, even if he is in the end, he will still be self-sufficient and will not easily surrender to others. In fact, history should be clearer than we are. In the eight years of the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, we captured several Japanese devils. I don��t need to say that everyone knows. It��s not that I want to praise anyone. There are some things that we are not as good as others. Otherwise <a href="">Super Cheap Cigarette</a>, our country will not be encroached on half of China by a small Japanese. Just because there are too many people at that time <a href="">Marlboro Wholesale Cigarettes</a>, and the sense of self-protection is too strong, it will cause a big country to become a mess, which will allow Japanese imperialism to arbitrarily sway on the Chinese land. Therefore, it is not unreasonable to cause a Chinese to be a one-stop one. Ten Chinese people are not as good as a worm. Why is this caused? Maybe people are distracted because everyone has their own ideas. As some people say, a Chinese can top a few foreigners, but a few Chinese can��t stand a foreigner. This shows that the truth cannot be gathered. Just like the ancients said, the human heart is in harmony with the Taishan Mountains. This is probably the reason that people are rich, so there are more people who are afraid of death. Just like now, why are there fewer people who are brave enough to be brave, unlike the ugly things in the past, everyone will stand up and go forward without hesitation, so there are not many ugly things in the past. Just like in the past war years, why the well-equipped warlord troops lost to the Japanese army, and the poorly equipped Tubal Road can repeatedly defeat the Japanese army. This shows that the more abundant people are more difficult to gather because the warlords�� bureaucracy More surplus, and some even have three wives and four courtyards, so there is a sense of self-preservation in the war. Even if you can fight against foreign enemies, you will have some reservations. In fact, this history is clearer than us, if you care about history. I will know a little about the past of our motherland. For those who are self-preserved, it is not the most hateful. At the very least, he has to face the enemy. The most hateful thing is that the people who buy the country are the most hateful. We don��t talk about it, from Wu Sangui in the late Ming Dynasty to Wang Jingwei in the Republic of China, this should be a big man in the era. They used these people to self-kill our people and use them to achieve their ultimate goal, although their ultimate goal has not been achieved. This is not the biggest shame for a big country like us. It is also on the battlefield of World War II, Russia, Britain, and Americans. In the German army, there are no big people like Wang Jingwei <a href="">Newport Cigarette Cartons</a>, and there are not as many puppet troops as China. What can the aggressors do in order to control the people in the eyes of the Chinese people, not only lack of match consciousness, but also a rickets disease. How terrible this disease is for the nation, just as the demise of the Ming Dynasty is our best way to learn from the past. This is not an alarmist <a href="">Cheap Marlboro 100'S Cigarettes Online</a>. It is the national strength and financial resources of China at that time. If Japan is as full as the people, it will be the power of the whole country. Dealing with China, not for the whole of Asia, do you say that China is not a danger? It used to be history. We don��t have to worry about it again. Just like Chengji��s sweat has encroached on the Central Plains. He has made our frontiers reach Europe and Manchu ruled. We have a famous man in the Central Plains. Of course, the merits of history are not judged by us. Only politics and big people have the final say. Today is the era we need to pay the most attention to. What are we going to do in the face of more and more ugly phenomena? Although it is impossible to repeat the

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