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20.04.2019 08:47
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People always like to describe a person's life as a circle, just like someone who says that "he can be mixed in this circle" Newport Cigarette Cartons, which means that this person has achieved certain achievements in a certain industry. If a person says that someone can't mix in this circle, then this person's life is definitely unsatisfactory. It can be said that the circle is a profession, and it can be said that it is a certain range of life Newport Coupons For Cartons. If it has no certain meaning, let's say, for example, " This person has a wide social circle. This person has a certain weight. It is wide and wide. It may be up to the upper class, down to the market, or black and white. If society is really a circle. Where do you and I play a role in this circle, some people may be silent for a lifetime, some people may be a lifetime, some people may also be miserable for a lifetime, and some people may also be slick and screaming, but the wind and rain, but There is no way for us to stop the law of society. If our life really needs to be divided by circles, there are countless circles in our society, and the first circle is our family. Although it ranks first, it is the smallest. The second circle is our relatives and friends; the third circle is our colleague; the fourth circle is this society, although it is the most It is also the most complicated. The smaller the social circle is, the stronger it is. We don��t believe that we can make an analogy. A family is always the smallest circle in this society. But this circle can always stand on a front, grandfather Sons, sons and grandchildren, they always live in a family. When grandchildren are young, they have the care of grandparents and their parents. When grandparents are old, they will be taken care of by their parents, and this relationship will continue. It is difficult for a friend to maintain this relationship, even if it is accidental. However, when the big circle becomes a small circle, the reason is the same. For example, we encounter a relative and friend on the road or in a public place and happen to a stranger. Quarrel, you will definitely stand up. If there is violence in this case, you must stand on the united front with your relatives and friends. This is an invisible big circle and a small circle. We right to take this circle again. Bigger, bigger than the family expires, and when we stand in a big circle, our big circle becomes invisible. A small circle, when we are in the same circle, we will form something in common to deal with the larger circle outside us Wholesale Newport Cigarettes In Usa. Just as we stand in the circle of the nation, the Japanese become in the war of resistance against Japan Free Newport Carton. The common enemy of our nation, but the invisible two small circles automatically separated after the victory of the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression. On the issue of big circles and small circles, we will choose a small circle whenever we want. The simplest analogy When you meet two people at the same time and need help, one is an acquaintance, one is a stranger; one is Chinese and one is a foreigner; whoever you choose, you must choose the former, this is human nature, no matter who is good. Or the bad guys, they all have their own circles, and in this circle, everyone invisible to maintain their own circles, no matter what the purpose is to form a circle, everyone will maintain their own circle and let it work. So why do people like to describe the scope of their lives as a circle, in order to allow themselves to be active in it, because only activities can Let yourself live, as the ancients said, the water is not rot, the people are actually the same, only in the activities can reflect life. Therefore, talents describe the scope of their activities as a circle, just to make themselves better in their activities. Since society is a circle, there are countless circles in this society, and when a small circle dissolves into a big circle, the circle becomes invisible. The circle of society is always a big circle with a small circle. No matter how we enter that circle, we have to face a bigger circle. Only when we get out of the small circle can we enter a bigger circle. No matter which circle we walk into, it has its commonalities, common goals, common interests, common language, and common enemies. In the circle, they share the same glory and perseverance, and in the circle outside the circle, they compete with each other to fight each other. The home and the family are a circle, the country and the country are a circle, the family and the family are a circle, and the unit and the unit are a circle. In so many circles, there are often many people who will give up big circles to choose small circles. Just like the interests of the country and the private interests, there are often many people who choose their own interests Cheap Newports Online Free Shipping, just like many public servants for themselves. The interests of the greed are still willing to greedy the law and accept the bribery and bribery. And when the nation and the country are threatened by foreigners, the Chinese will certainly stand up and stand up to safeguard the interests of the country and the nation. Because from the perspective of the world, a nation is certainly not a big circle, so when a nation is subjected to nephews, people of a nation like to stand in their own nation. If two enemies are in the same circle and some people jump from this circle to which circle, they must be condemned by the world. Just like in the anti-Japanese war, there are so many traitors, they jump from the circle against the enemy and then In the circle of people's confrontation, although the Japanese people's entry ended in failure, even if the war

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