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05.06.2019 04:49
iant wheel of my Antworten

iant wheel of my youth crushed my smile, I realized that I was covered in time. They were supposed to go to the lake to see the brilliance Cheap Cigarettes, but now they are accompanying me in the depths of the years. I tried to break through the thick soil, but in the end I was re-sealed by the kite that fell from the sky. I am desperate to give up my hopes, and my tears and willows seem to understand my sorrow. They stand by the river and look at my lost foreigner with deep eyes. The cold wind is long, but it is gentle, and the weeping willows seem to indicate my destination. Suddenly remembered, I still have a hometown that is hundreds of kilometers away. Now, is it okay? I don't know if I am not used to these days, whether it is used to the sadness of the lonely moon reflection. Without me, my hometown is more perfect. After the hometown, there will be no more children who fantasize their wings, and there will be no more teenagers who dream by the stars. The hometown is far away, but I still miss the eternal road to go home, which marks the footprint of my growth. At that time, I went to school early in the dark, and I was eager to play with my own achievements. So, on the way home, I put my footprints on other people's footprints and then deceived myself - I am still young. The fact is not, I have grown up, the oldest shackles should be put down, instead of blindly intoxicating the past, and this life "this life, just spent this way?" often ask yourself. If I don't spend this way, how can I spend it? Life gave me the direction of the kite, but forgot to give me the power of freedom, nowhere to look for, I can only walk over the fence of the years and return to my own world. In my world, kites have no sky, and a long line is all my freedom. This is a luxury for me. So, no longer squatting in the future Parliament Cigarettes, but holding a long line and controlling the freedom of kites. Despite this, the kite lost its balance under the sway of the airflow and hovers down to the ground. The trajectories of those landings swirled in my mind, forming a whirlpool that seemed to suck the kite on the ginkgo tree. I quickly closed my eyes and prevented my sympathy from hurting the dignity of the kite. As if the kite was a flying fish, it kept swinging its tail and swaying in the golden world of ginkgo trees. Kneeling. Unconsciously, the dark clouds in the sky are getting thicker and thicker, layer by layer, and I can't breathe. In order to breathe, I can only give up the opportunity to watch the kite and quietly leave the square. I left, no one found out? My footsteps are so light. After I left the square without splashing a dust, my inner sorrow has not been reduced by half, but it has been added a lot. At dusk, the night sky also sheds the night net, trying to catch my kite flying on the ground. The night is getting thicker, and the thin tobacco yarn covers the face of the earth. No matter how I peep, I can no longer see the expression on the face of the earth. Just before this, the earth and I witnessed the joys and sorrows of the kite. Is it now forgotten that the teardrops that had been swaying because of the movement were silent, and only the neon lights dragged the figure of the car to the distance. A person, without any feelings, set foot on the road back to the dormitory. On the road, the sky that the yellow fruit tree arched became as wide as the day when it was white. I stretched out five fingers Marlboro Red, tentative touch, and accidentally touched the one. The long line of the kite, I did not think about the long line of the faded color of my fingertips. The kite swelled and regained the new-born sky kite flying away, and my palm was cut into a past in the moment of contact. In order not to let the past deteriorate into a sinister wound, I can't wait to squeeze out the sad blood Wholesale Cigarettes. The blood slowly extended along the lines of my hand until I fell on the ground, and I discovered that my blood was not bright red. I leaned over and used the light of the streetlight. I saw my black blood running down the veins of yellow leaves. It seemed to be looking for a wounded heart. I don't want the lucky yellow leaf to be resurrected under my alms. . Just as I was about to dry the black blood with the only warmth in my memory, a gust of wind started blowing the yellow leaves that I didn't want to return. I suddenly realized that the yellow leaf is my kite and it is taking off. = Excited, I climbed the branches of life and folded the wings of the kites. The kite still slaps without wings Marlboro Cigarettes, but in the end it is still broken along the path of my life. The wings of the kite are broken. My wings are broken. Who will continue my story? Is it a kite-flying person? Or is it a broken kite? It��s not a pity, but a pair of scarred wings. You listen, it is trying to flap its wings, ready to take me to the deep sky, fly to another kite, fly to the hometown of the moon! My wings, please let me fly for a while. I assure you that as long as you can fly out of the clouds, come to life, I am willing to do a kite for you for a lifetime. At that time, the butterfly of the sky chased the sunset glow, just to listen to the immortal story of the wings.
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