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05.06.2019 04:49
The cumbersomenes Antworten

The cumbersomeness of life has increased the burden of my life. When I was ignorant, I always left behind some vague people and impressive things. I think that I am in love, facing a lot of troubles with a cynical attitude, but still can't get rid of the red dust. Thus, the spiritual corner of a person is derived from the sorrow and sadness that is unwarranted, and the mind is then empty, and there is no level of love. Perhaps, this stems from the color of my life, a person born around the image of nothingness but detached from reality, and the rest is only the remaining gray memories. Whenever you feel lonely, you will walk in the footsteps of sorrow, walk on the lonely streets, accept the pity and love of strange breeze. But I don't want to, those jagged fingers stroking my cheeks, grinding my smile. From then on, the dark night and tears colluded and invaded my empty heart. In front of them, I can't do anything? I can only hide in the depths of loneliness, clean my black eyes with tears, and then measure the temperature of my life with black eyes, cold and frosty. From head to toe, from thought to soul, none of them are no longer suffering from the cold. Only this point, I can sentence myself to death. I am not innocent. In fact Parliament Cigarettes, my mind and thoughts are filthy, and my mind is full of filth and sin. Although I am forced to suppress my own thoughts, the occasional emotional imbalance will cause my thoughts to be paranoid and extreme, which makes me very distressed. I am afraid that it is a terrible place to be trapped! My freedom and happiness will be ruined, and finally I have to kneel on the ground, like a dog with a tail and foraging. This is not the worst. The worst is the trust of the loved ones. There is no real freedom to look after, as if every air in the air is a prison. At the moment, I was bound, and my thoughts could not escape the track of loss. As a result, a person was stripped naked in the face of reality, but eventually he still smiled and faced every spectator, as if he was a numb artwork, in human nature. Under the eagle, the knowledge of the onlookers has been broadened. It can be guessed without thinking. The mood of those onlookers will be turbulent and immersed in the pain of others for a long time. The irony is that they did not dig out the pain in the pain, but dug out the tears of happiness in the pain, so they confided indiscriminately and confided to everyone who was willing to listen. In fact, this way of venting emotions is a kind of disrespect for freedom. People tend to be obsessed with tortuous plots, but they ignore the true meaning of life and often hang their lives, but never really comprehend, so, life It has become a stumbling block to life. Only by completely liberating life can the soul be sublimated and realize the value of life. But this complicated process has always made me daunting. I can only lie outside the door of life and laugh at the world. I am not qualified to stand outside the scenery, only standing in the wind, it is a pity that I have Jiang Wuhu in my life, which makes my dream of holding a sword and a man can only fall into the sword. But who can see this? I didn't pick up the sword, but the sword was inferior to the knife before the knife. After hesitating for a long time, I quit the rivers and lakes with no rivers. One person, holding one end of my spine, used the stones covered with tongue to fish the fish that had lived in the lake. They were fat and strong enough to fill me. The illusion of life is always thinking, if my rivers and lakes are still there, then, is my life still expensive? What is expensive represents what represents the meaning of my life. When necessary, I will exchange souls and freedoms. I don't have any greater ambitions. Just get a little air, enough for my life to breathe. Of course, I don't have the intention to murder my life. Everything I do is to prove to others that my life is not old. . If you only analyze it from my appearance or some actions, then it is undoubtedly some heavy answers about my life. This blames me for forgetting those laughter and placing myself in an indifferent state of mind. I can't understand the original meaning of Zen, and I can't feel the true feelings of the world. In this way Cigarettes Online, coldly treating people around me, coldly laughing at love and affection. At the same time, the temperature of life drops to zero, the cheeks of the cheeks are dimmed by life, and there is only one problem left for me to think about my life. How old is my life this year? If it is zero, then why am I still? Alive. Do I live in someone else's world and don't know how to return? No, I live in my world. This is a world I used to temper through the wind and frost. It is surrounded by soft white clouds. The ground is full of exotic flowers and exotic animals. Only me, just a drop of cockroaches. The tears of the grass, waiting to drip on the top of life, healing those imaginary wounds, I don��t know why? There is always a pain in the wound on the intact skin. When it is dark, I find that the lip print left by the mosquito makes my thoughts about you infected. So, I feel lonely in your lonely night, my life can It��s the sand of a mad wolf Wholesale Cigarettes, or it��s a color after the rain, but no matter what, I��m young, maybe my eyes can��t see the color of a worm or distinguish their size, unless you bravely Tell me, otherwise I will hide in your hair, use your heavy life to yellow your memory. This season has gone far, but your footsteps are like the sound of the clock Newport Cigarettes, always striking my sleep. Strings. I didn't dare to fall asleep, I was afraid to wake up the piano and break the string. From then on, the remnant of the cymbal can only reverberate in the empty valley for thousands of years. If you don't tell me, I may mistakenly think that it is you are covering, and I will be stupid to continue to write sadness with life. I don't think you want to see this. After all, I am just a passer-by. I am only burdened with the weight of life, not the true meaning of emotion. People go, leaving the illusion of memory. Every time I chew, I feel bitter Can it not happen in front of me? I am still asking, but no one gives me the answer, because my answer can only calculate the age of my life, not the length and width. They are not happy to do this. After all, this will make those who are still confused in the answer forget the weight of life, forget the thickness of life, and forget the age of life.
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