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09.08.2019 08:59
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ecause it can only accommodate you, my "leaf dear, under the various tips of the leaves, you still do not understand, in the vertical In the leaves, how can you remember. You should give you the only leaf, take a name, okay, you are my maple leaf, now, the girl still can't forget the days of maple leaves and winds. The beauty, the romance. The emotion does not know, but the reason why it is destroyed. The girl slowly found that she fell in love with him. Specifically, she fell in love with the feeling he gave. The girl��s space is full of laughter The photo is the picture she likes. The boy mistakenly took the picture as her. Every time she pleads with each other, the girl can't tell who she is. On the last day of the legend, they talked all day. But, there is no Really doomsday. Although I fell in love with this feeling, the girl thought it would be better if she confessed to him, because the girl was tired of the so-called love, on the day of Christmas Eve, the girl let the boy confess everything. , He didn't care, because they made a network lover, but the end of the game was over. The boy was very angry, and since then, there is no news. The girl left a message: "You are a sensible person, me too. Those words before are also arbitrary. The pea princess did not apply for a long time and did not think about it Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Someone added me, I will talk a few words. Your writing makes me find the shadow of my first love. I don't want to lose myself, so I used to choose to leave. It is the text you wrote that makes me heart. Adding you to the butterfly love flower is to test your thoughts on the pea princess. I think you are also playing. Just yesterday, I thought, since I have a lot of feelings about each other, if I present myself. You won't mind. The previous promise was so romantic. But the result is so cruel. I hate that both the web and the reality hate the truth. I don't want to make up a dream that makes me lose my way. I am very calm now, and the shackles of my heart have finally been removed. The photos of the space, all deleted, the password of your photo album has been changed, this is the cruelty in the real sense. What you said and what I heard was indeed a beautiful dream. A netizen talked to me in the morning. I told him that my dream was broken. I lost my SpongeBob. He said that I am sick. Yes, I am not sick now. Except you, I really can't find the confidante in the network. In a few days, it will be until 2013, and there will be work waiting for me in this year. I don��t know, it may not be as free as it is now. I have not asked you anything. I have talked about online lovers, and family, money, and appearance. I don't care whether you are a young man or a child, you don't mind, as long as you feel right, you will do. Still the same, whether the weaving dream should continue, the tolerance and tolerance of your love theory, etc., will make your heart better, I am honest, I am relaxed. If you think that I am no longer your maple leaf, it doesn't matter. My heart is still beginning to be destined to end you are my SpongeBob, and I am Athena, but in the heart of Athena only Saint Seiya. You are arrogant and compare me to leaves. There is no shortage of leaves around the wind. He can take away everything he wants at any time. He can ruin everything he does not want to have at any time. If one day, your leaves are lost, will you still find me? You said, certain, I can't bear to lose you. I said that I am willing to follow the wind with a lot of leaves, how can you remember me? He named me Maple Leaf, a piece of wind that only belongs to the wind. Because it is a collision of souls in the network, it really has nothing to do with others. I never want to know what you look like, and I don't want to know who you are. If you care about these, it is better to focus on the feelings or work in the real world. Therefore, the beginning of the total, is doomed to the end. And it is a quick ending. You have a lot of netizens, and there is only you in my world. This is why I have been unable to let you down for a long time. This infatuated leaf, regardless of the retention of the big tree Newport Cigarettes, would rather be driven by the wind; regardless of the discouragement of the companions, I am willing to dance with the wind. This infatuated leaf is still spinning in the same place, looking forward to the wind to take her back in the arms of the network, who is true? In a short period of time, he found "love". The wind started another love with her. Leaves, you should bless him, right. Originally a game, it was originally a love without ending, as the rumors of the end, we are not okay? A ridiculous love is not to be over. Gently turn around and don't really bless you when you leave. Re-find the confidant in such a fast time. Our story is destined from the beginning that the ending dancer is SpongeBob and the pea is Athena. To know Athena's psychology, only Saint Seiya. The dancers are self-proclaimed. The wind will take away what he wants, and the wind will also ruin what he does not want to miss. However, the leaves are simple. The simple wind has brought her around, she is simple, thinking that the wind will care about each other's feelings, simply believe that he will not give up her. When the leaves stood high, the wind thought the leaves were beautiful, but when the leaves came with the wind, they found the leaves very ordinary. The wind of the hustle and bustle turns into a tornado Cigarettes Online, and the solitude of the past is gone. It doesn't matter, this
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