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In July, the temperature Antworten

In July, the temperature is warm and moist, and the grass is green glaze. The lotus pond is folded in the shape of a twist, and the green lotus leaves are round and green. Deep and shallow green covers the entire lotus pond, until the invisible horizon. Such as that miss, lingering, holding the hope, the department is thinking. Covered and filled the whole heart. In the depths of July, the heart of the flower carving is tightly tied, tightly smashed into a scent of fragrant scent, until the smoke blows away, until the flower scent covers the wounend of the bridge is a residential gate. This piece is a quiet place. There are several towering yellow horn trees. There are several stone stools under the tree. One of them is surrounded by many people. There are several people outside the crowd. A tricycle. The crowd sneered from time to time. It turned out that the tricycle driver was playing cards. Most of the people watching the retirement were in the community. Whoever loses is also a sneer, who wins is also a sneer. All this does not affect the action of the waste trader. He concentrates on picking and knocking from the pile of things. When he meets the satisfaction, he will drop it on the right hand side. In a dark red plastic basket. The raindrops are still playing slowly. The owner of the commissary took a leisurely and somewhat strenuous step, moved the bloated body to the corner and watched it. After watching a laborious squatting bun, the white tender hand dipped a thing on the ground and stood up Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Clap your hands and turn around. A few minutes later, another man wearing short red striped short sleeves and beige trousers walked over Marlboro Cigarettes, with his hands on his waist, looked at it in an extremely comfortable position for a while, whispered a few words, this time The waste workers still ignored it and std, and the time condenses into amber. A tender, beautiful and elegant opening on the shore of your clear water. Waiting for the hand of the double lotus, picking up the sadness of bit by bit. Give you a season of poetry for another season; for your book, one after another, to sing a song for you. The immortal lotus is like a beautiful jade, such as a bathing fairy, ance is fragrant, such as the singing of the high buildings on the far side, looming. The acacia that is surging in the flowers is like a smashing scorpion. When it is thick and light, it makes people feel numb and crisp, and the soft and soft, if you have nothing, but you are not in the eyebrows. In the heart, the powdery scented ink is written into a soft and woven woven into a charming dream. Follow the rhythm of the lotus charm, and immerse the pillow in a white lotus in the blooming lotus. In the middle, sway a soft Acacia. Use a piece of paper tenderness for you to paint a frame of Danqing, ink-dyed, your shadow is stacked and heavy in the darkness of the ink. The ancient words, the thick ink rhyme, the agility, the passionate, the sound, but still can't sing a glimpse of my deep love and full of love, so thin and thin as a hook. Missing in the flowing night, flowing, dripping, condensed into frost, a melancholy injury broke through the lingering heart of the lotus, a little tears fell, dripping into the lake, the white jade petals in the sadness of a petal, Scattered, overflowing with a pool is lonely and lonely, slowly dried up into the graceful words in the Tang poetry and Song poetry, empty and tender, but the tears are full of profit, such as the string breaks silent July, the heart is like a lotus, blossoming, winding Refers to the entanglement, carrying the Tang poetry and Song poetry to precipitate the ancient rhyme of the millennium Cigarettes For Sale, the elegant and elegant, slowly open, such as a drop of ink and fragrantly falling, smashing, soaking in the light ink and sputum is actually "only under the brow, but on the heart "The eternal singer."
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