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When I talked about it, I said that I ate and said, "It��s better to eat dumplings than to eat, and it��s better to sit down." Suddenly, I missed the dumplings of the leek stuffed in my mother's bag, and took a bite. The aroma of the leek is from your mouth to your heart, and your heart is soaked in your soul. A thousand miles away from home, from time to time, the scent will come out, evoke the embarrassment of the mouth that you have already eaten. Colleagues are older and have a mother's tone in their words. She said, I will take you to a place to pick up the leeks and come back to make dumplings. In the afternoon, the sun in the winter is warm and the sun is so beautiful. I sat behind my colleague's battery car, shaking my legs, screaming at the song, letting the wind blow my long hair, and I felt back to my childhood. The place we are going to is a piece of Lamei Garden. Ten minutes away, it will arrive soon. I have heard of this place, just, never came. The taller ones of the taller plum trees, the small ones like a bush of bushes, undulating, but at first glance, there are hundreds of acres. I thought that the plum blossoms had already been opened, but I saw that its green leaves were still draped over the body, and I couldn��t imagine the disappointment of the plum blossoms. When I walked closer, I found that some of the branches of the plum tree that had fallen off some of the leaves were bulging up with a grain of flower Marlboro Cigarettes, and the faint aroma of the scent Newport Cigarettes. I am busy taking pictures of these yellowish flowers, my colleagues said, you are doing it, don't pick the leek? Like the mother's voice, blaming the little girl playing in the gap between the plum trees, looking for traces of leek. Look, I found a leek, a tree, another one, one piece, another piece. We crouched down and picked the fresh wild leeks. Some of the leeks have blossomed, and the slender green poles stand straight up, with small white flowers, so that the leeks can't be picked, leaving it to bloom, fruit, and sprinkle the seeds of hope; Some leeks are hidden in the leaves of the plum tree, and you have to pick up the fallen leaves to find its green, watery color, tempting your eyes; some leeks are lying in the grass, Mix with those weeds and need to be carefully distinguished to separate it from the many greens to satisfy your eyes Marlboro Red. Over the top of the head, the sun is shining, all around, Meixiang faintly picks up for more than two hours, and the green and saut��ed wild leeks can't bear to leave, harvesting a basket full of leeks, not eating dumplings, first full It is.

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