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The original idea behind compensator Antworten

y picks was to help maintain parity in the NFL: The league has never wanted wealthy teams in big markets to be able to buy up all the top talent and leave the small-market teams struggling Torry Holt Jersey , so the compensatory pick formula gives additional picks to teams that have lost high-priced free agents to other teams.But in the years since the NFL started awarding compensatory picks, they’ve actually helped the best teams stay on top. That’s never been more true than this year, when the two Super Bowl participants, the Patriots and Rams, were the only teams that received two third-round compensatory picks. Compensatory picks will help the best teams get better.The NFL, with its salary cap and revenue sharing, doesn’t have the same issues with big-market teams out-bidding small-market teams that have been problems in other sports leagues. So compensatory picks don’t go to the have-nots as compensation for losing key players to the haves.Instead, compensatory picks go to the teams that were already good Orlando Pace Jersey , and had such an abundance of good players that some of them signed high-priced contracts elsewhere. Teams like the Patriots and Rams.Also benefiting the best teams is the fact that their success gives job security to their decision makers, and a front office that is secure in its job is willing to play the long game and wait out free agency this year to get compensatory picks next year. On bad teams, the G.M. knows he’s on thin ice and might lose his job without a winning season, so he needs to sign free agents who can help this year, not wait for compensatory picks next year. It’s no coincidence that the Ravens, who had the league’s longest-tenured G.M. in Ozzie Newsome, are also the team that has acquired the most compensatory picks. Newsome knew he had job security, which made him feel comfortable building for the future with compensatory picks Deacon Jones Jersey , which in turn perpetuated his job security.So while compensatory picks were implemented for the sake of parity in theory, in practice they’ve had the opposite effect: Compensatory picks help the top teams stay on top. The Los Angeles Rams proved that the third time is actually a charm, because in their third matchup against the New Orleans Saints, they escaped victorious and punched their ticket to Superbowl 53.Let’s revisit the matchups to watch:CB’s Aqib Talib/Marcus Peters vs WR Michael ThomasLast week’s matchup to watch:Michael Thomas turned seven targets into four receptions for 36 yards. The Rams clearly came in with an advanced plan this time around ensuring they’d dare anyone else on the Saints to beat them, but not Thomas. Thomas was routinely bracket covered by a CB having outside leverage and a safety coming down and covering with inside leverage. This was a fantastic adjustment by the coaching staff — more notably Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips — after Thomas proved to be a massive issue in the week nine matchup.WR Brandin Cooks vs CB Marshon LattimoreLast week’s matchup to watch:Anyway you slice it, Brandin Cooks won this matchup against Marshon Lattimore. On eight targets, Cooks managed seven receptions for 107 yards, with one of those catches being the most important in the game. It was the deep shot down the left side of the field prior to halftime that put the Rams at the 6-yard line and allowed the Rams to cut the lead to 13-10 before halftime. Cooks was routinely winning using his deep speed to set up defensive backs and then cutting on a dime returning to Goff and opening a throwing window. Cooks also had a fantastic tip-toe sideline catch along the left sideline.RB’s Todd Gurley/C.J. Anderson vs Saints’ front-sevenLast week’s matchup to watch:The duo of Todd Gurley and C.J. Anderson were completely stifled by the Saints’ front-seven Eric Dickerson Jersey , which is relatively strange but at the same time not at all. The Saints have been a very solid run defense all year, though I really over-estimated the loss of DT Sheldon Rankins. Regardless, Anderson and Gurley combined for 20 carries for 54 yards and one touchdown. They weren’t incredibly productive, but they sufficed in pass pro and allowed the passing game to take over.Rams’ OL vs Saints’ DLLast week’s matchup to watch:The offensive line had a solid but unspectacular game. Jared Goff was only sacked once by Cameron Jordan, so that’s relatively ideal. Goff generally had good pockets to operate from and knew exactly when to bail the pocket and create time on his own scrambling when he didn’t. Run blocking struggled as the Rams averaged roughly three yards-per-carry, though this is a performance you’d take every time.ILB’s Cory Littleton/Mark Barron vs RB Alvin KamaraLast week’s matchup to watch:As a runner, Alvin Kamara was complete neutralized as he had eight carries for 15 yards averaging 1.9 yards-per-carry. He did prove to be an issue as a receiver though, as Cory Littleton simply couldn’t keep up with Kamara on multiple occasions. As a receiver Marshall Faulk Jersey , Kamara registered 11 receptions for 96 yards. Littleton better be ready, because his assignment doesn’t get much easier in the Superbowl against New England Patriots RB James White.DT’s Aaron Donald/Ndamukong Suh vs OG’s Andrus Peat/Larry WarfordLast week’s matchup to watch:Aaron Donald proved to be a major weapon as a run defender, forcing a fumble on a snap where the QB (I believe Taysom Hill) was late to hand it to Alvin Kamara. Not only that, but Donald registered two tackles-for-loss. Ndamukong Suh has clearly been saving his best play for the playoffs as he was once again a monster, registering four tackles, 1.5 sacks, and one tackle-for-loss. The better this duo gets together, the better the defense becomes.QB Jared Goff vs Saints’ secondaryLast week’s matchup to watch:Death Nolan Cromwell Jersey , taxes, and Jared Goff playing well against the Saints. Though his stat line wasn’t anything jaw-dropping (25/40 for 297 yards, one touchdown, one interception) he made the plays needed to put up points and get the win. In every position that was a critical possession and highly pressured, Goff absolutely excelled and stepped up to the occasion. Jared proved that no moment is too big for him, and that’s exactly why the Rams are on their way to Superbowl 53.

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