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15.11.2019 08:51
The home is a happy Antworten

The home is a happy harbor, so that the wanderer who is out of the house feels deeply missed at home; the home is a cool spring, so that the thirsty soul is nourished; the home is a hearty meal, the hungry people feel the world The warmth. On August 15th, it was a good day to reunite with my family. On this day, we will share a bright moon with our family. I should go home. Back home, I saw my brother and mother. When my mother saw me Parliament Cigarettes, she smiled and said: "Come back." "Well, Mom, I miss you! I haven��t seen it for a month, and my brother has grown taller." "Yeah, you are all keeping up." I am with your father." Mom told me to sit down, and then I had a big, fat duck in the basin. Before it was repaired, it was all hairy, black and autumn, dirty. After the mother's skillful and quick approach, after the "dressing up", the original ugly "ugly duckling" can also become a beautiful "swan." After the shower Cigarettes For Sale, the duck was pulled out of the hair, and the stomach was like a big, soft big ball Marlboro Gold. You don't know, it took a lot of effort for my mother to repair this duck. At noon, my mother burned the fire and put the pot on the iron frame. The fire was very hot, like an angry old man, burning. Pour a little oil in the pan, stir-fry the duck in the pan and fry it. Then put some salt, MSG soy sauce onion, and finally steam for a few minutes to be OK. After steaming and frying, the mother turned off the fire, then put the duck into the bowl with a spatula, and then put the dish on the table. I stood on the table a few kilometers away from the table and could smell the scent of the nose. It was really a slogan! I did not hesitate to pick up the chopsticks and clip them into the meat. This meat, also naughty, is alive and kicking everywhere. After I caught one, I couldn��t wait to clip it in my mouth, because I was too hungry and had not eaten breakfast yet. "Oh!" I was burned. My mother rushed to help me with a piece of meat, and I blew it gently, while blowing and saying, "Don��t worry, no one will grab you. Hey, look at it next time." At night, a round of clear white The moon slowly rises, like a shy girl in white clothes and long hair. Our family sat in the yard in front of the door to enjoy the moon, eat moon cakes, and chat. However, Dad wants to work, how much I miss him! Although such a day is very good, but time is not much, because I have to stay at school, the days of accompanying my family are always very few, I hope that I will cherish it.
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