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03.12.2019 07:38
my ivy, and accompanied me Antworten

Because of you, Ivy bound me, my life is more tenacious. --The inscription day is still in the middle of the sky, but in the extremely far and far sky, some early morning dawns are behind the clouds, so that the gray clouds have a transparent interest <a href="">Marlboro Cigarettes</a>, and the gray interior also seems to have a golden orange lining already woven It seems that every time I turn around, I will be brilliant. I just had a conversation with my father because of a little thing, and I had no time to take care of the faint beauty of the morning light, and walked helplessly into the balcony. From an early age, I have always been a lost hawk, the parents ��high hopes, the teacher's control, and weighed heavily on my back. I don't understand why I'm always tied to everything around me and can't do whatever I want. In confusion, I accidentally saw the vigorously growing plant in the corner, the dense green leaves, and the huge fruit, which made me unable to bear to approach. I caught it all at once, the soft stem of this plant was tightly tightened by the ivy, one after another, one after another, and the deep concave marks caught my heartstrings at once. I seem to feel the restraint and pain of physical and mental restraint, the pain of my parents, the reprimand of my teacher <a href="">Marlboro Red</a>, and my teacher's reprimand. The feeling of heartache is all over the body. I seem to see myself from the picture now, struggling to grow up in the yoke around me. I want to break free but can't do anything by instinctual compassion. I broke the Ivy by force, but what I heard was There was a "thump", and the stem and leaves fell to the ground in despair with the fruit. It was broken, paralyzed and scattered. For a moment, I suddenly realized that the tight green ivy gave this weak little plant not ruthless bondage, but the pillar of life. In the way of slowly growing up, you have been binding my ivy, and accompanied me once Another transformation, growing step by step. Because of you, my parents' restraint, discipline, and reminding me that I should respect the old and love the young <a href="">Cheap Cigarettes</a>, and told me to follow the traffic rules, and I should pay attention to moral cultivation, etc. Continued stride in the wrong way. Because of you, I am bound by my ivy, my life is even more glorious<br/>Related articles:<br/> <a href="">Marlboro Cigarettes</a>
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