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03.12.2019 07:38
lood on her lips faded. She Antworten

I am an intern photographer. Immediately after the start of the course, the photography director assigned us a photography task called "The Moment of Beauty". What is the moment of beauty? Landscape? Love? Or what? I walked around, unknowingly, to Ginkgo Avenue. It's already winter, and the cold wind is coming in. The bitter cold, I can't help but wrap my coat tighter. A golden ginkgo leaf over the head is like a beautiful butterfly, stretching Sona's waist, dancing on the rhythmic steps, and then slowly landing. There are leaves falling all over the floor, and there is a soft feeling when stepping on the feet <a href="">Marlboro Gold</a>. I'm very satisfied with this scene, and about to take this wonderful moment, a mother and son walked into my camera. Seems to be a very poor family. The mother and son are all dressed thin and shabby. There was also a snakeskin bag in her mother's hands <a href="">Wholesale Cigarettes</a>, gray and looked heavy. But she was struggling with one hand, and a family such as her son's little hand tightly held in the other hand should be rare in such a big city. I secretly sympathized in my heart and prepared to move away from the camera. Suddenly the boy turned his head and said to Mom ***, "Mom, I'm cold -----". The sound shook terribly. In fact, boys already wear a lot more than Mom ***, with sweaters and gloves, but Mom *** just wears a sweater and a thin coat that can't see what color it is. I didn't wear anything. I think the mother would tell the child to bear it and be home soon. But she took off her coat and put it on the child, and she was left with only that ragged sweater. At this time, she also shivered and the blood on her lips faded. She patted the child's shoulder and smiled stiffly, but she was very gentle and happy. For a moment, I felt the world was still. Ginkgo leaves traversed a graceful arc in the air and swayed and fell on her. My eyes were wet, and I hurriedly captured the scene. I thought of my mother who was far away from home. She always gave me the best, but I didn't take it for granted and even thought it was right. I suddenly felt that I was stupid. Someone said that the most beautiful thing in the world is maternal love. I said that the most beautiful moment in the world is that the mother prefers to be sick for her own child, and puts on her own coat for the child in the cold. This work I named it "the most beautiful moment". I saw one meter of sunlight coming from behind my mother, warming the winter and warming the world. This work really won the gold medal, but at this time the scholarship is no longer important to me <a href="">Cheap Cigarettes</a>. A moment of motherly love, a moment of beauty. I found that I got the most beautiful moment in the world.<br/>Related articles:<br/> <a href="">Marlboro Cigarettes</a>
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