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come in the future? I loo Antworten

"Where has all the time gone, and I've grown old before I feel young enough to have a child and raise my daughter for a lifetime, my eyes are full of children crying and laughing, where has the time gone ..." Yeah, where the time has gone In the memory of my childhood, my father was so radiant, his back was like a towering mountain, for my sister and me to withstand the wind, rain and snow on the way. The time with my dad is always so happy and carefree. I do n��t have to take a step and think about the next step. Dad will always do everything My sister and I just need to smile at the camera while playing. But I do n��t know when my dad ��s time to go home is getting shorter and shorter. In the end, I ��ll come back once a month like my sister Newport Cigarettes, leaving me and my mother at home. Gradually I also got used to one person doing homework and sleeping alone. Time passed between me and my dad, and at this time I realized that time is not a river, ca n��t wash anyone away, time is a knife, and can sculpt anyone. We have not become what we thought, we have become what we can be. Me too. It turned out that time went to memories. Time is now up to junior high school Cheap Cigarettes. My time is used for studying. Whenever I want to take a break, my mother always comes to urge me to study. Learning is endless, so is time. On the second day of the second year, I started to worry about my living place. The teachers kept saying in our ears: "Only by grasping the present can we grasp the future, and the time is today. How many times have you read the time to the future? I silently counted one, two, three ... �� Every time I am lazy, my mother always tells me that I can only be the person I want to be if I study hard. But what will I become in the future? I look up at the sky and imagine that I am walking on the runway and holding My model, the model wears my most proud design work, accepts the admiration of everyone, time goes to the future in my heart, time goes to an unknown place, this place may be in the previous year, January, the last day, the last hour, the last minute, the last second, but it may also be next to you, so seize the time, seize the time that may leave in the next second! Where did you go?
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