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02.01.2020 04:40
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After reading Kundera's "The Unbearable Lightness of Life", it became obvious to me that the content of a book that seems easy to understand is hard to understand. Indeed, in order to urgently want to know what the author described as "light", and speeded up reading, I realized that I seem to never hope to find the answer. This reading experience would be good if I knew it early, but it doesn't matter. Fortunately, there is time. I can read through it when I have a feeling. So I don't want to talk about it here, and I don't want to comment. After all, I'm not a book critic and I don't fully understand the article. So, I just combine a little bit of it (my own interest) with a little bit of practicality. 1. I find that I am slowly interested in philosophy now, otherwise I may have a philosophy with Kundera. The concept of "reincarnation forever" stunned, unable to read down. This is the guy in my family, so she did n��t continue after reading the first few pages. 2. After Thomas met Teresa, the author used three metaphors in succession: Teresa is a child placed in a resin-coated straw basket. . How beautiful this description looks to me! Apparently, Theresa was given to Thomas by God. After reading the article, I learned that Thomas is not loyal to her, but tries to try many other lovers, and people will think that he was out of sympathy and compassion for Teresa. This emotion is not love, but pity Gift of man. But we were wrong. According to a commentator's analysis, through Kundera ��s interpretation of "compassion," we will understand that compassion is "a kind of the strongest emotional imagination and mental inspiration stress. On the level of emotion, it is supreme "I have also accepted" Compassionate Love "in my life. At first I was very pained because of this. For this reason, our conversation could not continue to lead to a big fight. What an embarrassing experience I have ~ But how good it is if I study first and the problem is later, I will feel confident and firm because of this, and think that this relationship is sincere and secure, yes What is responsible to me is also worth giving me to continue. However, I do not guarantee that the so-called sympathy of the other party is based on this concept ... 3. Remember that "Vientiane" has a In the review of Light, the article mentioned that Thomas had to resort to deception to maintain love in order to stay with Teresa, which made Thomas feel very tired and heavy. He would be completely relaxed only by choosing to leave. However, Thomas In the end, Teresa was chosen because he knew that what people cannot bear most in life is not weight but lightness Newport 100S. In fact, the original book is not so straightforward, just that Thomas followed Teresa back to places that others can't disturb, far from the market. All I knew was that no matter how romantic he was outside, he still missed Teresa after leaving him for a while. What kind of emotion is this? I'm feeling it too. A man is entertaining and merry outside, but there is always only one woman in his heart, and this woman is likely to be a woman who has nightmares and daily nightmares all day, and must hold his hand while sleeping, an ordinary, sensitive, and vulnerable woman. 4. Speaking of Sabina, I was puzzled by her feelings about kitsch. Sabina cannot bear kitsch. Kitsch is "light". How can kitsch understand and why is it kitsch? So, Franz's great march was entirely for Sabina Cigarettes Online, so what does this mean? I can't understand that Kundera is really great, and now I really realize that people can't bear in life, not weight. One example is particularly good: the king has his ministers compete to see who the Hercules is. The way to play was to let the ministers throw a feather over the high wall. Almost all ministers failed. There was only one clever man who grabbed a chicken beside him and threw it across the high wall, and then said to the king: I can throw the whole chicken over the high wall, let alone a feather. He won, relying on his wisdom. The most important factor in maintaining the balance of the universe is gravitation. The most direct thing we can feel is the gravity that the earth brings to us. It prevents us from leaving the earth and entering a terrible free state. Can we afford the weightlessness astronauts face
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