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02.01.2020 04:40
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The book was written by the famous economist Adam Smith, and is known as the "Economic Bible". Although I can't read the original book, I still have a little understanding of "The Wealth of Nations" through reading the translation. On the other hand, I will record my feelings on the deeper part of myself. Some people may say that the reason why "The Wealth of Nations" received such a enthusiastic pursuit is caused by the self-interest of human nature. The object is the economy, and the starting point of the economy is self-interest, but I want to say that everyone's pursuit of their own interests is a side of human nature and a natural manifestation. The "The Wealth of Nations" can endure, and it is because of its advanced content and The author's just met and bold conjecture In the section on division of labor, he mentioned the results of the greatest improvement-level productivity orientation or application of the skills, proficiency of the fighter division of labor, and a concise example of the needle industry Perfect interpretation of it. Everyone knows that needle is a very small thing, but its manufacturing process is actually very complicated. If only one person carries on the whole process, the efficiency is only one twelfth of the process completed by ten people Wholesale Cigarettes. The same skilled workers, because the value created by a reasonable division of labor is so bad. In Adam's analysis, there are three reasons: First, after a person does a certain kind of work, the proficiency will increase accordingly, and the efficiency will naturally be higher. Secondly, it saves the time that workers spend from one job to another. This is well understood. When a person is transferred to an unfamiliar working environment, it will definitely take a certain amount of time to integrate. When a worker focuses on a specific process, he will stimulate his potential and create auxiliary tools to improve work efficiency. The above discussion clearly clarifies the importance of the division of labor to improve work efficiency. From this we can also feel that this is actually similar to the mutual cooperation in our daily life and work. The strength of a person is limited. If each person fights alone, the efficiency will be poor. If everyone is in the camp, they may be defeated by others. But if they are united, they will achieve a transformation. Different people have different talents in various fields. If you are united to fill each other's loopholes, you will form a strong community. The European Union is a good example of this. They are so many countries united Cheap Cigarettes. Development Carton Of Cigarettes, support each other ��s own difficulties, cooperate with each other, develop their own strengths projects and supply them to other countries, and their disadvantages are also supported by other countries. In a short period of time, they have risen again and become The challenge of a community in the world does not exactly reflect the powerful magic of division of labor. It is especially amazing that Adam had thought of such a situation hundreds of years ago. He clearly realized that everyone is selfish and thinks for their interests. But in order to gain more benefits, smart people will unite and develop together, unite and cooperate, and work separately. Their strengths, borrow someone else to make up their own weaknesses, nature is the inevitable trend of development. These things are very worthwhile for us to learn from
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