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Want to beat me?Have skill to try.Let you roll out from the Tang not to calculate.Still make you have several days prison rice."Zhang Zhan basically doesn't fear Lyu Biao.The doesn't matter ground Yang pours at comfortably owner chair up.
"Still have never listenned to someone making a so mean request."The leaf stands on the doorway the autumn to say.
Zhang Zhan sees a leaf come over for autumn.Also little bit not Chu.Oneself is to have ground to put Shi this time, stopped a reason word.He buttons up these money hair not, again not for embezzling private pocket, but striving for a welfare for the sake of the employee.Even if and upward the noodles starts to beat the mouth skin sub- lawsuit to get up, he is also not afraid.
And, oneself does so to also get underneath the person's public.Who would not like to be early some to put on new work to pack?Who would not like to get a Chinese New Year welfare again in the year ago?Early get always compare late get to be good friends with, get more total compare little get to be good friends with.
"Leaf's director."The Lyu Biao full face suppresses to bend ground and leaf an autumn to say "hello".
"H'm."The leaf autumn point nods and also not much sees Zhang Zhan Yi's eye and ask heel at nearby of secretary Huang Ying:"Anne protects money of department who hand up?"
"On the finance hand."Huang Ying makes collective report a way."Anne protects in the department to have independent finance.But want to use a big pen expense demand director and group finance the department sign."
"Let the finance come over."The autumn of the leaf says.
Huang Ying immediately turns round to leave.In a short while of effort, get a middle age man who wears glasses to come in.
The middle age man sees the doorway that the leaf stand for autumn at Zhang Zhan Fu's director, the in the mind is a Luo to ascend a , two mutual at enmity withs to director are no longer secrets, at present afraid is that oneself is two don't get.
Finance Xing Qian, worked at the Tang 56 years.Two year agos put Anne to protect department to work from the finance subordinate of group headquarters, always up to now.Although he protects a work at Anne,he still belongs to the group finance department ground person.And the salary is also similar to the other finance personnel, at this place work again easy.His pouring is also pretty glad.
Also need not Huang Ying introduces, accountancy money full face the heap smiled ground to walk to come over and respectully shout a way:"Leaf's director, do you seek me to occupy?"
Be saying and making the autumn is to the leaf.The autumn of the leaf puts a hand and signals hint oneself not to smoke.
"Yes.Does Anne protect a ground account to up still have how much ?"The autumn of the leaf simple and directly asks a way.
"Leaf's director, money wasn't much.The beginning of the year in every year, the group will specially stir some money protects a department for Anne and is used as a maintenance for one year and repair funds.It is already the end of the year now.That money already uses ground about.If need spend money urgently to.Still need to beat an application to report to the group finance department."
"But you see----Now finance department all the holiday returned to celebrate the New Year.We even if beat a report up, doing not also take care of is afraid of criticize for us.Nothing doing words.Wait until a next year?"
Accountancy money gingerly says and silently conjectured an eye to sit again Zhang Zhan in the office, this is also a don't dare to give offense to of lord.
"Can not use how much .Just replace and add to place some equipmentses.This money should be enough?"The autumn of the leaf talks of time, eyes stare at money accountancy to see and fear that he stands at Zhang Zhan there and betwixt makes ghost.
"Enough----It probably is enough."Do not know what is the row son, accountancy money is to don't dare to see a leaf ground for autumn look in the eyes.Be stared at so by him, talk all disadvantageous Suo.
"Good.Stir money to captain.Let him purchase thing."Leaf autumn order way.
"This----"Accountancy money looking at Zhang Zhan not to dare to echo.Had before what need to be spent money of the place was all Zhang Zhan batch of.Now Zhang Zhan not utter a word, he also not know to want don't give° money a leaf autumn.
"How?Is there problem?"The autumn of the leaf unhappily asks a way.
"No problem.No problem."Accountancy money hurriedly puts a hand.Just a face difficult the ground say:"This matter son-leaf's director is be not with director piece communicate for a while?"
The facial expression dark of leaf autumn comes down and once turned round to ask Huang Ying:"Anne protects a department to spend money, is who sign just can take effect?"
Huang Ying is thus clever.Which ability not understand meaning of leaf autumn, in earnest answer way:"Would not° until director sign go."

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